About Yesterday’s SUPERNATURAL Smack-down

If you’re gonna go down, it might as well be in flames.

Yesterday, we posted an opinion piece taking the SUPERNATURAL leads — Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki — to task for not appearing at the upcoming Comic Con, saying that we believed they owed it to their wildly supportive fan base to show as a way of saying “thank you”.

Well, a whole lot of that fanbase — did we mention how vocal they are? — took us to task. We even received an email from a CW spokesperson labeling the story — and in particular, a major mistake on our part — “not cool.”

First, let’s set the record straight: Although we said in the original item that the stars had not been at past Comic Cons, that was without question inaccurate. As the spokesperson reminded us, “both jared and Jensen were there last year and Jensen was there the year before.” Both have also attended numerous other events at which their adoring public were given the chance to show their love. “The boys are there for their fans,” continued the CW rep.

For that error, we are truly and humbly sorry.

We do, however, stand by our original ascertation that given that Comic Con is one of the biggest events dedicated to the genre, the pair should be putting in an appearance. The spokesperson’s email did not mention scheduling conflicts or, for that matter, offer up any other reason for them not being in attendance.

Again, for the inaccuracies in the piece, we are obviously truly sorry. Obviously, we take our credibility and the truth you put in us very seriously.

We do not, however, feel the need to apologize for the opinions expressed in that post or, for that matter, any other. It’s important to remember that there is a difference between news items and opinion pieces. A vast majority of what is posted here at thetvaddict.com by our various contributors are opinion pieces. The great things about opinions is that everybody has ’em, and they’re never, ever wrong. You may not agree with someone’s opinion, but that doesn’t make it invalid or incorrect, simply different from the stance you take.

We both welcome and love the feedback our readers give via the comments section. Let’s face it: If we didn’t want people to read and respond to our thoughts, we’d put them in a diary. And if we didn’t want feedback, we’d eliminate the “comments” option all together.

We’re not perfect, and we’ll choke down a slice or two of humble pie when circumstances slap it down on our plate. When we’re wrong, we’ll admit it. In this case, some of our facts were wrong. The sentiment, however, was an opinion we stand by while at the same time opening the floodgates to welcome yours.

Like the cast of SUPERNATURAL or any other show, we’d be nothing without you.

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  • M

    I really wish SPN fans would stop giving credit to Jensen and Jared for supporting their fans by attending conventions. They are paid HUGE quantities of money for those appearances plus luxury travel and accomodations.
    Since that EW article where the Js did not come off well, neither one has done a non-convention related interview. They did zero publicity for the season finale & Misha, Jim, Kripke and Edlund all did.
    Now, they are not attending CC.
    Filming schedule is not an excuse- there is no filming on Sunday.
    They may have personal plans or simply choose not to attend. And that is their choice.
    True A list stars go out of their way to attend this event. Not showing up does not look good.

  • bestshowfan


    First you say Jensen and Jared should get no credit from fans for attending conventions. Then you say true A list stars go out of their way to attend the ComicCon (Con DOES stand for convention, does it not?) and say that showing up does not look good.

    So, you want them to show up because it doesn’t look good if they don’t; but if and when they do, they should get no credit for it?

    I read that EW article. As a journalist, I know very well that once the interview is over, the subjects have no control over the final written article or the tone in which it’s written.

    I don’t know whether they film on Sunday or not. Unless you work there, I doubt you do, either. But God forbid anyone should have personal plans on their day off.

    I don’t know what they get paid to attend conventions. Unless you’re their agent or you work for the convention organizers, you don’t either.

    They’ve attended this ComicCONvention before. Are they supposed to go every year?

    I’m no fan of conventions. I’ve never attended one and have no plans to do so. But I don’t think it’s a professional faux pas for actors to not attend every convention.

  • Shanza

    I completely agree with you sue..