Kristen Bell Needs YOUR Help to Make the VERONICA MARS Movie a Reality

Kristen Bell may not possess the proficiency for computers that her TV-alter ego Veronica Mars did, but that’s not about to stop her from making her presence felt since discovering this new-fangled craze called twitter. In fact, since making her presence known on twitter late last week, Bell has been tweeting up a storm; Replying to fan questions (Yes, she’ll be at San Diego’s Comic Con on July 24th), offering up 140 character movie reviews (On My Sister’s Keeper, “that movie rocked me emotionally. i felt like i had been pepper sprayed by the end my eyes were so swollen from tears.”) and did we mention, enlisting you, the fans in her mini MARS movie revolution?

No, seriously. According to Bell, if you want to see VERONICA MARS on the big screen (and really, who doesn’t?), the proverbial ball — as the saying goes — is in your court. Explained Bell via twitter yesterday, “VM movie fans- rob [Thomas] and i took it to WB- and they said ‘there is no enthusiasm’ to make it 🙁 So fans have to convince WB! rob and i r in!” Adding, “ive told em i want to so bad- i think they dont think it will make any money so they want to be sure people will see it. big business. ugh.”

Which naturally begs the question, will you join in Bell’s crusade? And if so, will you use the hashtag #veronicamars in your tweets to help get the topic trending on twitter? Because in case you were wondering, this TV Addict is so totally in.

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  • Pat

    I would love to see a Veronica Mars movie! (and I’m a 65 year old lady!)
    I really liked the TV series and have missed seeing it.

  • Josh C.

    I’d love to see a VM movie just as much as anyone but I’m going to be honest I just don’t think the WB will go through with it no matter how much fan support is there

  • Nick

    Yeah, uh…good luck with that.

  • Tim

    well, I love Kristen and I loved “Veronica Mars”. I just think too much time has passed for a movie. Perhaps a TV Movie, do they do those any more? lol

  • Owen

    Warner Bros Pictures responds to avalanche of Veronica Mars fan tweets

    Keep up the momentum guys… lets send this message out loud and clear VM fans are not to be ignored… we want our movie!

  • The beginning of the month you were practically laughing in the face of those who considered the possibility of a VERONICA MARS movie.

    TheTVAddict on July 8th: “Duh! Did anybody REALLY believe that a series watched by a handful of people — and which never recreated the appeal of its first season — would somehow get the big-bucks, big-screen treatment? Seriously?”

    What side of the fence are you on? Ha ha!

  • Kath,

    While I definitely wouldn’t bet the house on a VERONICA MARS big screen adventure getting the green-light, I’m super impressed with Kristen Bell’s honesty, openness and willingness to converse with fans via twitter. Plus, if your #SaveChuck campaign taught me anything, it’s that you never know what can happen if a few fans start tweeting.

  • pau

    Let’s go for our croisade for a Veronica Mars movie, be sure we will not give up no matter what other people can said . We will have this movie, YES WE CAN !!!

  • I would pay to pay to see a VM movie. The series never had a proper finale and a lot of questions were left unanswered.

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  • Chaz

    I loved VM and I LoVe the Logan and Veronica saga. I would definitely be pro a VM movie. whether people think it will happen or not, whether they liked VM or not. I did. I LoVed it. and I would pay to see the movie again and again then buy it on DVD. others may disagree but this venue is for enlisting fans. not a place for nay-sayers. keep trying Kristen.

  • Owen

    @Warner_Bros wants us to “go see the wizard”, but we’d really like to see a #VeronicaMars movie! @NeptuneRising @IMKristenBell

  • barbara

    I will be harrassing the WB! It’s funny… back when the show aired, my husband was a college student with a nighttime job as a server so I always watched the show by myself. He thought I was crazy when I told him it was the best show ever. Now he has caught up through my seasons on DVD and is a bigger fan than I am.

  • Leila

    we totally put the tag #VeronicaMars in the TT! for like 5 minutes, but we did it!

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  • Don

    I do not have twitter I really want to tell theWB I want to see a VM movie I watch the show ever since it started until the end and was sad to see it end I really think people did not give a fair chance if you have any info on how to I can tell the powers that be they should make the VM movie let me know

  • Sarah

    We HAVE to make this happen! VMars fans unite!!!

  • Joke

    we want V M move so we can see how the story ends. the fans deserve
    a better ending!!!!!

  • chelle

    we’ve only just got veronica mars over here in the uk, i love it i’ve already brought the first and second season off amazon.. i would luv it see a movie!!!!!! please make a movie………………………………………………..

  • I guess you’re not a big enough fan then!