Good News: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS has commenced the search for a slew of fourth season fresh faces, including three new series regulars and one recurring guest star. Bad News: To fill the void that is about to be left by exiting fan favorites Adrianne Palicki, Zach Gilford and Minka Kelly. [Source]

Good News: SUPER SIZE ME’s Morgan Spurlock will produce and direct THE SIMPSONS 20th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL IN 3-D ON ICE. Bad News: The special won’t actually be in 3-D or on ice! [Source]

Good News: Arguably, television’s most memorable survivor Richard Hatch was this close to returning to the series that put him on the map (and ironically enough, in jail for tax evasion) for SURVIVOR’s 10th anniversary “Heroes Vs. Villains” edition Bad News: Until that is, a federal judge in Rhode Island denied his request to leave home confinement early. [Source]

  • Common Sense

    Then bring back Susan Hawk to Survivor. That was the only season I faithfully watched, and her “snakes and rats” speech at the end was the highlight of the entire series.

  • No more Matt on FNL? I don’t know if I’ll survive that. Why not have him go away to college if he’s leaving anyway? 🙁