Random Musings: ENTOURAGE Edition


While critics and fans alike have pretty much declared the gang from ENTOURAGE — as Bruno might put it — so 2007. This TV Addict — understanding full well that nothing ever really happens on the show— remains unapologetically head-over-heels in love with Vinnie, ‘E,’ Turtle and Drama. Seriously, nothing gets us ready for a busy work week than an endless barrage of insults from one Ari Gold on Sunday nights at 10:30PM.

That said, last night’s less that stellar season opener did leave us scratching our head for a multitude of reasons. Not the least of which is why on earth the show — which is known for its fairly realistic portrayal of the inner-workings of Hollywood — would allow for an episode to air with such outdated references to a now ‘TONIGHT SHOW-less’ Jay Leno and a MY NAME IS EARL-free Greg Garcia (whose series was unceremoniously dumped by NBC this past May).

Adding to last night’s curious case of the unentertaining episode of ENTOURAGE was Vince’s quest for a driver’s license (Which if you ask us was a plot far more be-fitting a very-special episode of THE BRADY BUNCH), the back-and-forth between Eric and Sloane (Which, with apologies to actor Kevin Connolly who we’re a big fan of, stopped being interesting three seasons ago), and finally, the issue of Lloyd’s weight (Which is either an understandable side-effect of actor Rex Lee’s proximity to In ‘N Out Burger, or part of his brilliant plan to pull a ‘Tom Hanks ala Castaway’ and shed the pounds within 100 days as per Ari’s insistence).

Stay tuned…

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  • I had the same thoughts about Leno and Earl. In fact, I thought the joke was going to be that Gary Cole scored by signing Garcia and then would be told, “Um … that show was canceled.”

    When that joke didn’t come I was stunned.

    Still, I love the characters so much that it was like seeing old friends … so I was OK with a less than great episode because the boys were back.

    P.S. Sloan is hot, so keep her around – interesting or not.