Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Quirky Towns We’d Love To Live In

1) Stars Hollow, Connecticut, GILMORE GIRLS (pictured above)
2) Everwood, Colorado, EVERWOOD
3) Collinsport, Maine, DARK SHADOWS
4) Cicely, Alaska, NORTHERN EXPOSURE
5) Eureka, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, EUREKA

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  • Ace

    (1) Coeur de Couers, Pushing Daisies (esp if we get Chuck’s wardrobe)
    (2) Stars Hallow, Gilmore Girls
    (3) Agrestic, Weeds
    (4) Dharmaville, LOST (with Juliet gone, someone will have to keep Sawyer company)
    (5) Springfield, Simpsons

  • Nick

    Harper’s Island. (I watched the two-hour finale Sat. night and loved it. It was the only time I’ve watched all season. Gotta love Chris Gorham and Katie Cassidy.)

  • Megan

    I’m not sure I’d want to live on Harper’s Island.. considering umm. everyone was being murdered.. but that’s just me

  • I love the Stars Hollow suggestion and can see why it would be #1.

    The only other place I could think of would be Rome, Wisconsin, from Picket Fences. It’s definitely *very* quirky. On the other hand, it might also be stressful to live there considering all the weird things that happen, and people know each others’ business a little too much.

    Elmo, from the unfairly cancellend Men In Trees, is also a quirky little town, but I don’t know if I could take the Alaskan weather.

  • Jill

    What about Eerie, Indiana?

  • YES to Springfield and Agrestic! Both excellent choices 🙂

    What about a list of TV towns we WOULDN’T want to live in? Might I nominate 7TH HEAVEN’s Glenoak, California? It always seemed to be the most boring place on the face of the earth. 😛

  • Andy,
    Thanks for giving me a great list for another day!

  • Jacob

    Oh come on Andy? You’re telling me you wouldn’t want to live in a living breathing PSA?

    But yeah, tvaddict you definitely must do a list of towns we wouldn’t want to live in.

  • forg

    Of course Stars Hollow! I love that simplel quirky town, I love their various celebrations there haha

  • Hooterville – the one that Oliver and Lisa Douglas lived in.

  • grumpyoldman

    Everwood or the Hooterville that was in Petticoat Junction.

  • proteanlives

    This is a great list. I was especially glad to see Stars Hollow and Cicely on there, although I second Rome, Wisconsin, from Picket Fences. It’s one of my favorite shows from when I was younger–I so wanted to be Kimberly Brock!