First Look Video: Wentworth Miller on LAW & ORDER: SVU

If we were any other blogger, this first look video clip featuring Wentworth Miller’s upcoming guest appearance on LAW & ORDER: SVU’s upcoming eleventh season premiere (playing Nate Kendal, an NYPD officer who saves a rape victim) would warrant a highly inappropriate, immature and some might argue unprofessional joke with regards to Miller’s exchange with Captain Donald Cragen. Lucky for NBC, that’s not our style.

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  • Ileana

    I am very happy for Wentworth. Can’t wait to watch the whole episode.

  • I adore Went.It would be great if he becomes regular in the show.
    I’m sure I won’t miss any episode if that happenes.
    Went is cute & talented and he deserves the best

  • ToanVo

    WentWorth is a great also his talent show in Prison Break so far. He is a great star I ever know.

  • Katie Perkins

    I think that they should of kept prison break going. They shouldn’t have ended it so soon. It was one of the only tv shows that I have really got into. Went is an amazing actor and very talented and I would love to see him star in more tv shows and movies. I wish I could meet him.