FRINGE’s Observer: Nice Work if you Can Get it!

observer_fringePhoto Credit: betojf

After being spotted on the sidelines of an NFL game, the pit during a recent Nascar race, an AMERICAN IDOL taping (FYI: We hear he voted for Adam!) and now, last night’s MLB All-Star Game, I think we can all agree that FRINGE’s ‘Observer’ pretty much has the world’s greatest job. Well, next to this guy.

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  • Krystal

    LMAO You gotta love Fox if for only putting The Observer in the STRANGEST of places.

  • bws

    I want the Observer for my 30th birthday!

  • You gotta give FOX props for the genius marketing campaign! Love it

  • Hils

    I can’t wait for Fringe to come back.

  • Ace

    Such a great way to generate positive buzz for the show :). I’m with Hils — definitely looking forward to the return of Fringe. I just wish they hadn’t put it on busy Thursday.

  • TVFan

    I’ve already got the shaved head, where do I sign up for this observer gig?

  • Hil

    What else will be on Tuesdays? Will Better Off Ted stick around into the fall? I can’t think of anything else on Tuesdays…

  • Ace

    BoT (which is awesome btw) and Scrubs are not coming back until mid-season and I’m not sure what day they are slated for. The ONLY show that I will definitely be watching on Tuesdays in the fall is SYTYCD and I completely understand that most people don’t like that show. Instead they put Fringe up against The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI and Supernatural…

  • bws

    Tuesday is probably the logical fit for Scrubs/BoT in the spring. But Ace, I’m like you, the only thing I have for Tuesdays in the fall is SYTYCD. I’m not sure how they’ll do with back-to-back seasons and being in the fall programming schedule for the first time. I’ll be really interested in those ratings.

  • Ace

    bws — I’m actually worried it will hurt SYTYCD since it will kind of be overload. I think it really works as a summer show and wish they had found something else for that slot. Although, now that it is practically the only good thing on Tuesdays, maybe it will be okay.

  • Hil

    SYTYCD, FRINGE, and Better off Ted for me on Tuesdays then. I don’t watch the other shows.

  • Ace

    Hil — That’s the problem, Fringe isn’t on Tuesdays anymore. FOX moved it to the Thursday at 9 spot. Tuesday will be the performance show of SYTYCD for 2 hours.

  • Ace

    I knew that someone had to have done a block schedule showing where all the shows will fall:

    And yes, BoT/Scrubs will be on Tuesdays midseason.