Good News, Bad News: MELROSE PLACE, Jennifer Garner & Steven Weber

Good New: Daphne Zuniga has signed on to the CW’s MELROSE PLACE re-boot, agreeing to reprise her role as photographer Jo Reynolds for at least two episode this season. Bad News: Joining original tenants Josie Bissett [Jane], Laura Leighton [Sydney] and Thomas Calabro [Michael] and leaving this TV Addict increasingly concerned that the proverbial powers that be didn’t learn a thing from 90210’s unfortunate penchant for stunt casting, you know, in lieu of the actual hard work that comes with having to develop a whole slew of interesting new characters and story-lines. [Source]

Good News: Jennifer Garner has inked a fresh development deal with ABC, the network that put her on the map. Bad News: The key word here being ‘development, one that, as Michael Ausiello so accurately put it, “calls for the four-time Emmy nominee to develop projects via her Vandalia Films production shingle.” Not act! [Source]

Good News: Steven Weber is in negotiations to move into ABC’s midseason series HAPPY TOWN. Bad News: Replacing one of Hollywood’s hardest working and most likable actors, Dean Winters. [Source]

  • TVFan

    Agreed on the MP front. The show should be learning to stand on its own two feet. Relying on occasional pop ins from original cast members is just asking for trouble.