Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Summer “Treats” We Could Do Without

Unlike their big screen brethren, these cheestacular made-for-television disaster flicks do not have a Michael Bay-sized budget to make up for the lack of stars, story and substance.

2. Coverage of JON & KATE PLUS EIGHT
Jon’s engaged! Kate’s dating! The kids are coming out with a clothing line of their very own! We hate to say this, but can someone please tell us which celebrity has to die next in order to get these people out of the news?

3. BIG BROTHER’s Jesse
He’s come back bigger, buffer and more obnoxious than ever… which we hardly thought possible.

4. Actors shaving their head
First Stephen Colbert, now Dr. Gregory House, when did shaving one’s head become the new ‘Rachel?’ And while we’re on the subject — Simon Baker — don’t even think about it.

5. Twitter
Just kidding, we’re totally obsessed with this thing. Seriously. Follow us.

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  • grumpyoldman

    Jess is a meat head and is ruining BB this summer again.


  • Adam – I hope you mean Spiedi dying will get Jon + Kate out of the news cause it’s the only way I want to hear about them anymore.

  • Josh C.

    i say the world vote and pull what E! did. If everyone votes to stop talking about them they’ll go away forever.

  • lol yes Shanna, Spiedi :p