2009 Emmy Nominations: The Good, The Bad and the Who Does BSG Have to Frak to Get Some Emmy Recognition!!

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have…. the facts of life the 2009 Emmy Nominations! Seriously. For every good (Congratulations HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER!), there is an unfortunate bad (Charlie Sheen) to even things out. Take a look.

The Good: The Academy finally decided to recognize some fresh blood, honoring THE BIG BANG THEORY’s Jim Parsons, 30 ROCK’s Jane Krakowski and BREAKING BAD’s Aaron Paul with much deserved acting nominations. The Bad: We said fresh blood, not true blood, with the hit HBO series only managing to score nods for art direction, casting and main title design.

The Good: The Emmys love dancing. The Bad: DANCING WITH THE STARS that is, which gets a nod over the far superior SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.

The Good: With nominations for Chandra Wilson and Sandra Oh, working at Seattle Grace continues to pay dividends. The Bad: Unless of course your names are Kevin McKidd, Justin Chambers, and the always overlooked Patrick Dempsey who if you ask us, deserves a medal of honor for having to put up with Meredith for four seasons.

The Good: BIG LOVE got some big props in the form of an Outstanding Drama Nod. The Bad: Like their unforgettable TV alter-egos, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny, and Ginnifer Goodwin continue to be ignored.

The Good: FRINGE got an Emmy Nod! The Bad: For special visual effects, not John Noble’s ridiculously solid Emmy-worthy performance as Dr. Walter Bishop.

The Good: This is the final year William Shatner will be eligible for an Outstanding Actor Emmy due to BOSTON LEGAL’s untimely demise. The Bad: We can’t say the same for the unstoppable juggernaut that is TWO AND A HALF MEN.

The Good: 30 ROCK’s Jack McBrayer and Tracy Morgan got recognized! The Bad: For two characters that we can’t help but feel are only slightly more exaggerated versions of themselves.

The Good: 30 ROCK and MAD MEN both cleaned up in their respective writing categories. The Bad: Leaving little room for anyone else, with each show taking a somewhat unnecessary four out of five possible slots in the Outstanding Writing categories.

The Good: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA nabbed seven Emmy nominations. The Bad: Which means the show will clean up, at what host Kathy Griffin calls the “Schmemmys” (The Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards)

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  • Jill

    Please correct the “their” in the first sentence. It should be “there”.

  • Ace

    I agree with pretty much everything you said. You could have added Charlie Sheen to that list of guys playing slightly exaggerated versions of themselves (although I do like 30 Rock, the comment is true).

    Also very true — your comment about the far superior SYTYCD. Superior to both DWT”S” and AI.

  • Nick

    Charlie Sheen isn’t acting at all. He’s an idiot on- and off-camera. An Emmy nod? Ridiculous.

    All the love for 30 Rock? Think hard, is there ANY show on TV that gives us as many non-stop belly laughs as this show? No, it’s no wonder it took so many writing spots in that category…the words are priceless, the acting is beyond words. It’s so far ahead of even Seinfeld in terms of “hilariousness,” if viewers don’t start to “get it” now, there’s no hope for the future of mankind.

  • Mrubinoff

    THE UGLY – no major noms for the best show on television Friday Night Lights

  • Silly

    And again no nominations for Supernatural

    If I look through the whole list and see According to Jim I could vomit

  • LB

    I am definitely pleased to see Jim Parsons on the list.
    Glad LOST/Michael Emerson got noms, but I think a few others got overlooked (Elizabeth Mitchell, Josh Holloway…)

  • TVFan

    Good: Jim Parsons, Neil Patrick Harris and Michael Emerson.


  • Nick

    Someone get “Silly” a bucket.

    Can anyone think of another character who has seemingly flown off the comedy charts like Jim Parson on Big Bang Theory? You only have to watch one episode to be laughing out loud. Imagine the dialogue those geeks have to memorize!

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  • Geesol

    Think out of the box– at least for ONCE. Charlie Sheen is not the creator of Two and a half Men, somebody else created it, maybe taking his life as a roll-model for the character. But yet, the show it’s a worldwide success …even if you don’t like it. Don’t forget he is also a great drama actor since his very first films. Majority of people love him, I’m one of them.