Good News, Bad News: David Letterman, FUTURAMA Fans & Your Waistline!

Good News: The NY Times proclaims David Letterman is back, trouncing Conan in total viewers last week, 4.4 million versus 2.5. Bad News: And to think, all it took was the stepping down of longtime rival Jay Leno and Governor Palin, the death of Michael Jackson, an Emmy nod and a historic return by Sir Paul McCartney to the Ed Sullivan Theater. [Source]

Good News: Casting is well underway for FUTURAMA’s return to the small screen. Bad News: Make that re-casting is well underway, with 20th Century Fox posting a casting notice to replace original voice talents John DiMaggio, Phil LaMarr, Maurice LaMarche, Billy West and Katy Sagal after failing to come to terms on salary. [Source]

Good News: Researchers have established a ‘no-brainer’ link between television and overeating after studying a group of boys who watched THE SIMPSONS while eating a pizza lunch. Bad News: For this pizza loving TV Addict. We’re just sayin’. [Source]

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  • Hil



    That is all.

  • They just killed the return of Futurama before it began!

  • Jillian

    recasting… say it isn’t so!

  • tim w.

    Talk about a slap in the face! How can they recast? Are they trying to save money w/ this? It’ll be jarring to the audience to say the least. What the frak indeed?

  • Ace

    Wow, what an insanely bad idea!

  • Josh C.

    that makes me more angry than i thought it would lol I can’t believe they are recasting the voices that made the show. What happened to everyone being on board?

  • I’ll comment on that last one: They say you should eat when you’re not doing other activities (reading,watching tv, etc) because your mind isn’t focused on you body and things like whether or not your full.

    That’s my PSA for the day.

  • Mary

    Hello for the mature man that David Letterman is he really needs a new clothes designer. or someone to tell him to switch to thinner ties..or do his suit jacket up..

    His wide ties do not do him justice specially when his suit coat turns it on it’s side and he looks like a moron..

    Really seriously now please do something about his tie…

    Mrs Mary Tuite