Say What? Our TV Quote of the Day!


“I love Padma Lakshmi, but a sitcom? Really NBC? Didn’t you learn your lesson with EMERIL?” — was reader Tim G’s reaction via twitter on today’s news that Lakshmi has signed a development deal with NBC to cook up a half-hour comedy around her.

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  • I’m trying really hard not to have a “Suck it Jesus!” moment right now.

    I’m honored, and I’d like to thank the Addict Academy.

  • I don’t watch sitcoms except for Scrubs, and NBC is a sad network right now. But, I would just like to say — thank you for posting that photo. 😉

    Seriously though, I like her, and I might be willing to give her sitcom a try as long as the premise is decent and the format is single camera with no laugh track. If it’s four-camera in front of a live audience, I’m out.

  • hehehehe, Todd W in NC, I was wondering WHEN someone would comment on’s very infrequent use of gratuitous bikini laden hotness!