Today’s TV Addict Top 5: “Must Bring” Comic Con Essentials


Comfortable Shoes
Why? Well, measuring 1,104,309 square feet, the San Diego Convention Center stretches longer than the eye can see. A fact that you’ll become intimately familiar with as you scuttle between panels, events and the showroom floor all the while trying to navigate your way between gaggles of anime-costumed adults reenacting scenes from obscure Japanese television show you’ve never heard of.

Water and Snacks
Bring your own. Unless you enjoy waiting in ludicrously long lines for stale pretzels, or paying exorbitant prices for bottled water.

Deodorant and Hand Sanitizer
If not for yourself, then for those around you. Because after four days of walking around the petri-dish that is San Diego’s downtown core. Odds are fairly good that you (a) smell and (b) may have possibly contracted swine flu.

Common Sense
At the risk of offending readers, we’re just gonna go ahead and say beg: When choosing a costume, please dress body type appropriate. Because the harsh reality is, not everybody has the err… assets for that Princess Lea gold bikini or the Spartan speedo from 300. We’re just sayin’

Your smarts
Assuming you’re lucky enough to be given the opportunity to ask a question of our favorite star, showrunner, director etc, at one of Comic Con’s 38423 panels, why not make it a good one. Which means, do us all a favor and refrain from asking self-indulgent questions that revolve around you getting a hug, a job, or your script read. (Stay tuned later in the week for a more complete guide to Comic Con question etiquette!)

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