Head Scratcher of the Day

LoveFilm.com, the UK Netflix-equivalent has just released a poll (posted below) listing Britain’s Top 10 most addictive television shows. Results which have this TV Addict wondering (a) how thrilled the nationally funded BBC must be that 9 out of the top 10 shows are American. And (b) questioning our fellow UK TV Addicts taste in TV. Seriously. HEROES, PRISON BREAK, CSI… addictive? Really?

Source: Telegraph.co.uk
1. 24 6. Dr. Who
2. Lost 7. CSI
3. Friends 8. Prison Break
4. Heroes 9. The Sopranos
5. The Wire 10. Sex and the City

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  • Hils

    How far behind are they on Heroes?

    As far as Prison Break goes, a couple years ago a friend of mine was in Asia and mentioned how much black market Prison Break stuff is out there. They love that show there. The international interest in that was huge for some reason. Wentworth Miller. Mmm. I could see why the UK would fall for that.

  • Josh Emerson

    I’ll take Heroes and Prison Break over Sex and the City any day.

  • Silly

    So what?
    Still better than what americans watch – these reality crap shows that have the highest ratings

  • ewanspotter

    Is this supposed to be of all time? Because most these shows are old, or better yet, completely OVER.

  • Nick

    Please don’t believe anything written in the daily telegraph

  • Matthew

    I’ve done a bit of hunting around, to see what the methodology of this survey was (the Telegraph article doesn’t say). It looks like, they asked people on Twitter for suggestions:


    and then set up an online poll with options based on the tweets they received:


    So, an exercise in extreme pointlessness which got them some free publicity. If anyone’s curious, these are the TV shows that people are actually renting from Lovefilm:


  • bws

    I think the biggest shocker to me is that Friends made the list. That ended like 6 years ago! And it was a comedy! Comedies aren’t supposed to be addicting!

  • Josh Emerson: SATC, surprisingly addicting.
    bws: FRIENDS still holds up very well in reruns.
    Matthew: In our defense, it was a slow news day 🙂

  • Ace

    Josh — I know it is a cliche to say it, but SATC really has to be appreciated from the female perspective. Kind of like how I feel like I will never fully appreciate Entourage b/c I will never be part of a bromance.

    bws — Sometimes comedies can be more addicting! Esp if you are sick or in a bad mood you can get caught up watching a comedy. You stick in a DVD of Arrested Development or Scrubs and next thing you know, you’ve watched 6 in a row…

  • Nick

    Speaking of BBC….has anyone ever watched “Coupling” or “Keeping Up Appearances” ? Really funny stuff.

    The Brits probably only like Friends because of the Brit-sounding music soundtrack.

  • Matthew

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to have a go at you about the “free publicity” thing. It’s the Daily Telegraph I was criticising and, by extension, Love Film for a bit of quite cynical self-publicising for the UK news silly season.

    Actually, I think it’s quite an interesting thing to blog about – once you realise its not really representative of anything much.

  • Drax

    Lovefilm are just trying to drum up some cheap publicity, they announced they were for sale in June but they’ve been coy about saying if they’d received any offers. Their DVD-by-mail business model is very last century and they’ve missed the boat with VOD. We’ve had free services like iPlayer, 4OD and ITV for several years now not to mention Sky, Virgin and BTs movies on demand.
    They’re behind the times and they’re trying sell themselves off in midst of a recession. Meh.