Comic Con 2009: A TV Addict’s Guide

Ladies and Gentleman start your engines! Because in T-Minus 12 hours, your very own TV Addict — if all goes according to plan thank-you-very-much-Air-Canada — will be touching down in beautiful and sunny San Diego for Comic Con 2009.

Yup, it’s that time again. Those magical four days in July when this TV Addict braves the Twihards, Trekkies and TORCHWOOD fans [Oh My!] to bring you live coverage of all of your favorite shows (Unless of course you favorite show is LOST, in which case let me apologize in advance because Hall H simply ain’t gonna happen.) That said, I do expect to be interviewing quite a few of your favorite small screen stars, in addition to attending some pretty exciting parties and panels. The latter of which I’ve highlighted in yellow after the jump.

As is always the case, be sure you’re following the TV Addict on twitter for the latest up-to-date-news (Borderline obnoxious tweets that will have you wishing you were in San Diego come free-of-charge!) Oh, and if the site isn’t updated by 5PM Thursday, send help — as the odds are fairly good a stampede of overzealous Twilight fans trampled me while attempting to chase after Robert Pattinson’s limo.

Source: Comic Con International
Day Time Panel Room
Thurs. 11:15AM The Middleman Cast Reunion Room 6A
Thurs. 12:30PM Richard Hatch: Battlestar Retrospective 6A
Thurs. 1:15PM EW: Female Icons in Pop Culture Ballroom 20
Thurs. 2:30PM Burn Notice Ballroom 20
Thurs. 3:00PM Robot Chicken with Titan Maximum Room 6A
Thurs. 3:45PM Psych Ballroom 20
Thurs. 4:45PM Legend of the Seeker Room 6DE
Thurs. 5PM Dexter Ballroom 20
Fri. 10AM Batman: The Brave and the Bold Room 6DE
Fri. 10:15AM Farscape 10th Anniversary Room 6BCF
Fri. 10:30AM Stargate Universe Ballroom 20
Fri. 11:30AM The Prisoner Room 6BCF
Fri. 11:45AM FlashForward Room 6A
Fri. 11:45AM Caprica/BSG: The Plan Ballroom 20
Fri. 12:00PM The Middle Hilton Bayfront
Fri. 1:00PM The Big Bang Theory Ballroom 20
Fri. 2:15PM Past Life Room 6A
Fri. 2:15PM 24 Ballroom 20
Fri. 3:00PM Bones Ballroom 20
Fri. 3:15PM Eureka Room 6BCF
Fri. 4:00PM Dollhouse Ballroom 20
Fri. 6:15PM TV Guide: Sci Fi Hot List Ballroom 20
Fri. 8:30PM Syfy Screening Room 6DE
Sat. 10:00AM Chuck Ballroom 20
Sat. 10:15AM Eastwick Room 6A
Sat. 11:00AM Lost Hall H
Sat. 11:15AM Family Guy Ballroom 20
Sat. 12:00PM The Cleveland Show Ballroom 20
Sat. 12:30PM Sanctuary Hilton Bayfront
Sat. 1:00PM Futurama Ballroom 20
Sat. 1:30PM Glee Hilton Bayfront
Sat. 1:45PM The Simpsons Ballroom 20
Sat. 2:15PM Warehouse 13 Room 6A
Sat. 2:45PM V Pilot Screening Ballroom 20
Sat. 3:15PM Heroes Hilton Bayfront
Sat. 3:30PM EW: Totally Lost Room 5AB
Sat. 4:00PM Fringe Ballroom 20
Sat. 4:45PM Human Target Room 6BCF
Sat. 5:15PM True Blood Ballroom 20
Sat. 5:55PM The Vampire Diaries Room 6BCF
Sat. 7:15PM Myth Busters Room 6BCF
Sat. 7:30PM Torchwood/Dr. Who Room 6DE
Sat. 8:00PM Weeds Hilton Bayfront
Sun. 10:00AM Dr. Who Ballroom 20
Sun. 10:30AM Smallville Room 6BCF
Sun. 11:15AM American Dad Ballroom 20
Sun. 11:45AM Supernatural Room 6BCF
Sun. 1:00PM Ghost Whisperer Room 6BCF
Sun. 2:15PM Being Human/Torchwood Ballroom 20
Sun. 4:00PM Buffy the Musical Ballroom 20

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  • I live in San Diego & it is a beautiful day today. We are all a buzz about the Comic Con this weekend- it is always a good party!!!