Random Musings: FREAKS AND GEEKS, Kris Allen, Disney & More!


Continuing our trend of highlighting TV that makes us feel really old comes a photo that this TV Addict snapped while watching our latest summer obsession FREAKS AND GEEKS. Can you guess the two big name guest stars that join John Francis Daley’s Sam Weir (on right)? If so, we’re officially impressed.

Ways in which you never ever want to start off your day: By being told that you resemble Samm Levine’s Neal Schweiber from FREAKS AND GEEKS. Needless to say, we’ve had better Wednesdays.

After Friday’s 90-minute crossover event WIZARDS ON DECK WITH HANNAH MONTANA netted the Disney Channel 9.2 million viewers, making it TV’s top scripted telecast this year among kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14, any guesses as to how long it will take the marketing mavens at NBC to unveil THE OFFICE ROCKS COMMUNITY?

I mean Tobey Maguire we can live with. Heck, we’ve even gotten the occasional Joshua Jackson on a good hair day. But Neal Frakkin’ Schweiber!?!?

Over on MTV.com, American Idol winner Kris Allen explains why he dumped Kara DioGuardi’s “No Boundaries.” Umm… Kris, we’ve all heard “No Boundaries,” seriously, no explanation necessary.

Neal Schweiber!? #FML

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  • Ace

    The girl looks like Joanna Garcia. I’ve got nothing on the boy. I don’t feel like I can see his face enough.

  • Tim

    Who is Dean Cain and LeAnn Rimes? LOL I’m bad.

  • Booozle

    Joanna Garcia & Shia LaBeof . . . mind you I just watched the whole of Freaks & Geeks a few weeks ago so I kinda had an advatage.

  • Dana

    Its shia labeouf!!! I mean you really can’t tell by the picture, but if you when you watch freaks and geeks, hes the one who breaks his arm. And the girl is Joanna Garcia. I love freaks and geeks!

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  • Megan

    You can so tell that’s Shia Labeouf. And Joanna Garcia. They’re both so young there…