Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Taglines the New Fall Shows Probably Won’t Go With

1. Jenna Elfman gets knocked up ACCIDENTLY ON PURPOSE.
2. FLASH FORWARD to what you’ll be obsessing over after LOST ends.
3. Courteney Cox is a Desperate Housewife living in COUGAR TOWN.
4. MELROSE PLACE: Where everybody knows your name… except the guy you slept with last night.
5. Living THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE ain’t easy. Just ask Mischa Barton.

Courtesy of @hitfixdaniel — one of the smartest TV tweeters we know — comes a rare sixth addition to Today’s TV Addict Top 5.

6. This Thursday night… Before SUPERNATURAL… The CW will give you… ‘VD’

  • Nick

    Obviously, we all want Mischa back on set asap. Her iconic presence totally “makes” The Beautiful Life. This little off-screen bump in the road so parallels her character on the show. It actually gives the entire premise a very “reality-based” feel. I can’t express how excited I am about TBL—with Mischa.

  • Manju

    Nick, are you for real? After what Mischa did to Marissa I seriously dislike her. She wanted a movie career! And with her return to television, she’s all Amy Winehousing over the place. Karma is a…

  • Ace

    The Forgotten: What we predict this show will be by early October.

  • Nick: While I’d agree that Mischa’s real-life issues serves to provide for some interesting parallels to her character on THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE, the show itself is not nearly as strong as the CW’s midseason offering LIFE UNEXPECTED.


  • Nick

    Hey now. Pretty vapid models? I’m there! Mischa meltdowns? I’m there! Life Unexpected? I’m there, too.

  • Tim


  • Tim

    Contestants learn that DATING IN THE DARK is better w/ alcohol and a low lit bar. lol he he ‘last call!”

  • I have several for The Jay Leno Show! 😀

    “NBC’s The Jeno Show, Because you know we can’t do Drama!”

    “The Jeno Show, NBC’s last ditch effort”

    “The Jay Leno Show, Being shoved down our throats, now at 10 pm ET!”

    “NBC’s The Jay Leno Show, If it fails…we’re fu$#ed!

  • Jake

    Parenthood: It’s all the little things you’ve already seen on Brothers & Sisters that matters.

    Flash Forward: to an all new Grey’s Anatomy.

    Community: Because you don’t get enough loveable losers on NBC.

    Melrose Place: It’s like the new 90210, only without Shenae Grimes.

    The Forgotten: For everyone who forgets to change the channel to Jay Leno.

    Eastwick: Forget about Sex and the City. These witches are actual witches.

    Vampire Diaries: From the people who canceled Angel.

    or Vampire Diaries: It’s like True Blood, only without the graphic sex, violence, or anything that makes that show awesome.

    or Vampire Diaries: The next obsession of every tween girl and the occasional sexually repressed gay guy.

    or Vampire Diaries: Forget about the lousy script, just look at the pretty actors. (this one could work for most CW shows).