Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Shows That Make Us Tense When We Watch

Any show where you have to worry about cameramen being washed overboard by a rogue wave is sure to leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

The NBC cop drama has moments so real that you half expect the bullets to fly out of the screen. The only problem? The bleeped obscenities remind you it’s just a television show.

This show long ago proved that there’s no line it won’t cross. It’s gotten increasingly ridiculous over the years, but waiting for the next shoe to drop still makes it an incredibly wild ride.

Those final “who’ll be the last team to reach the check-in” moments might be the very definition of “nail-biters.”

Rats, roaches, bees, spiders, gators, snakes… if you can get through a single episode of this Discovery Channel reality show without squirming, you’re a far better man than I.

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  • Southland would be a perfect Cable should.

    What is it with NBC and getting these shows that could be so much better on Cable. There’s Southland, and KINGS! Can you imagine the potential of Kings if it was on HBO or Showtime. Not to mention a 2nd season (Let’s face it, NBC screwed the pooch with Kings)

  • Cable SHOW…not should lol

  • Josh C.

    I would add 24 to that list too. I have such anxiety when watching that show

  • Linda B.

    Hello? How could Dexter not be on this list??? I’m constantly on the edge of my seat wondering how he’s not going to get caught!!!

  • Ace

    The Wire is my number one. Hands down. You are constantly worried that someone is going to be shot. After that, I would probably say LOST.