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Roll Call: In attendance were Michael C Hall (Dexter), Julie Benz (Rita), Jennifer Carpenter (Deb), John Lithgow (Who joins the cast this season as the Trinity Killer and oddly enough got the panel’s largest cheer) alongside Executive Producers Tony Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Clyde Phillips and Melissa Rosenberg (Who also has the dubious distinction of scripting the Twilight movies)

It’s a Boy!: According to proud papa Michael C. Hall himself, “the baby [named Harrison in honor of Papa Harry] has yet to exhibit any signs of having a ‘Dark Passenger’ of his very own, but the possibility is always there.” Adds Benz, “I hope my genes take over.”

Get Ready to Rumble: Those anticipating a showdown between John Litghow’s Trinity killer and Michael C. Hall’s Dexter shouldn’t hold their breath. At least according to Lithgow, who didn’t exactly have an answer when asked what it’s like to work with such a talented cast since five episodes in, he has yet to do so! Teased Lithgow, “I spend a lot of the first five episodes lurking and stalking!”

Killer Laughs: If given the choice, Lithgow’s first victim would be his famous TV alter ego, 3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN’s High Commander Dick Solomon. “I loved the character and am proud of 3rd ROCK but it’s nice to be back. People have almost forgotten Raising Cain, Cliffhanger, Ricochet. Those types of films were my stock and trade for a while.”

Commercial Breaks: Pauses in the panel were taken so that the moderator could promote the upcoming DEXTER Game for the iPhone/iPod Touch, the third season DVD which is hitting shelves this August, DEXTER animated webisodes that will serve as a prequel of sorts chronicling Dexter’s early killings and of course, the line of bobble heads and action fingers, which star Michael C. Hall finds, “Very strange, but fantastic. When we were shooting the pilot I had no idea it would come to this… bobble-heads and action figures.”

Spoiler Alert!: Keith Carradine, who fans will remember as Special Agent Frank Lundy is back to help rid Miami of Lithgow’s Trinity killer. Which will not only have a huge implications for Dexter when he’s asked to lend his expertise, but will inject even more drama into Deb’s always interesting love life. Teased executive producer Colleton, “Given their deep history and love for eachother, expect the two of them to have some very interesting scenes together.”

Moment that makes up for having to wait for three hours in line alongside a guy who most definitely should not have chosen the ‘all spandex’ costume option: Julie Benz’s answer to whether or not Rita will ever find out about Dexter’s extra-curricular activities. “When you read about serial killers and their families, the wives never know. It’s not because the signs aren’t there, they simply choose to ignore them. When you’re opening your heart, sharing your should you choose to see the good. We’re not equipped to see that side of someone we love. Honestly, Rita wouldn’t believe it. I mean you could show her the show and she would say, ‘No, it can’t be true!’ She would stand by her man, not out of nativity or stupidity, but out of love.”

Down the Road: Just how long can DEXTER continue? According to Colleten, the show will continue “as long as the show remains fresh and Dexter has room within his character to explore different human behaviors.”

Not-so Favorite Fan Question: When three or four audience members insisted on asking the same variation of the exact same question with regards to how Michael C. Hall can play a serial killer while in real-life appear to be such a normal nice guy. Umm… I think that’s why it’s called ACTING!

Tease that will have you counting down the days until DEXTER’s September 27 premiere: John Lithgow knows. “I’m the only one on set who knows what’s going to happen in the next 12 episodes. It’s a fantastic feeling. I could actually speak two sentences right now that would make this entire building explode. It’s quite thrilling. My character has fantastic surprises. I act in order to surprise people and boy will I.”

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  • Nick

    Gotta love Darla…, Julie Benz. Her return from the dead on Angel was some of the most-compelling drama ever on The WB.

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  • Tina

    Clearly this wasn’t edited before posting. There are sentences with missing words, etc. For example, “…Cliffhanger, Richocet. Those types of films were my stalk and trade for…”

    It’s Ricochet, not Richocet, and stock and trade, not stalk and trade.

    Please have someone review before posting!