Comic Con Recap: Joss Whedon Talks DOLLHOUSE, DR. HORRIBLE and Why Corporations and Governments are Trying to Control Your Mind!

Move over Kevin Smith, there’s a new man who we’d like to see take his ridiculously entertaining schtick of self-depracation and hilarity on the road. His name: Joss Whedon. As you’ll quickly see from our recap of his Q&A direct from San Diego Comic Con 2009.

On the future of Victor
Joss Whedon: Spoiler Alert! Victor might get better, quickly.

On where the idea came to cast the hilarious Alan Tyduk as a villain?
I’ve met him. He’s an extraordinarily versatile actor and has actually got a fighting streak in him that you won’t see in Wash or in 28 days… no, which is the one without Sandra Bullock?

One what he’s reading for inspiration.
Wired Magazine is pretty much all I read and have time for. I’m reading Julie & Julia but haven’t come up with a lot for the show. We’ll save Eliza saying “bon appetite!” for sweeps.

On other writers in the writer’s room coming up with ideas that make you think…
I haven’t had a thought in years! The staff are really there as stenographers! This is without a doubt the best first year staff I’ve ever worked with. A room full of brains… floating brains in jars. I really feel like this, more than any other show is a real roundtable. Everyone has made a contribution that I wish I thought of and was grateful not to have to.

On his creative community
Sometimes the people you work with actually help inspire. I can’t stress this enough. The way I talk about the writer’s room, being a round table, being a circle, this is how my creative life exists — because of a community. Everything I see from them informs everything I do. The show was created because I knew Eliza [Dusku] can be sophisticated, funny, vulnerable, blind. All these things she’s not going to get to play unless I get to play with her. At the same time, it was Felicia [Day] singing in her little Christmas episode of THE GUILD that made me want her to play penny in DR. HORRIBLE and the idea that had me use her in “Epitaph One” was when Sarah Fain [DOLLHOUSE Executive Producer] brought her up after considering her for a role in WOMEN’S MURDER CLUB. I was so embarrassed we hadn’t thought of it.

On his penchant for hiring familiar faces
This year, all bets are off. We had Eliza and Amy [Acker] so last year we didn’t want to seem like we were playing favorites. This year, I don’t care anymore. I do believe that we’ll be seeing a few episodes involving a young ingenue names Alexis Denisof and if the stars align we might also see a little [Summer] Glau.

On his penchant for killing of beloved characters
As a storyteller… I hate people… I want them to suffer and die! I kill people for (1) either the story or (2) because contractually I have to. I try to have as much integrity as a storyteller that I can but when somebody is going to disappear sometimes you have to think up something so that you cry when they do.

On the possibility of a second mole inside the dollhouse
No one can be trusted. Actually, there is one person who can be trusted, but I’m going to kill them.

On the similarities between musicals and sci fi
Sci Fi and musicals have a weird cross section. They’re both a step removed from reality, a little bit bigger than life and do tend to lend themselves to eachother unlike say musicals and I don’t know.. cops shows. Anytime you get some piece of fandom to another experience it’s the best feeling. One of the best things about the BUFFY comic is that a lot of people who weren’t reading comics started because of BUFFY. It was a gateway comic.

On when we’ll see another musical (read: DR. HORRIBLE 2)
Well all of the writer’s of DR. HORRIBLE are here today. Sometimes we get together and talk about just that thing. I can’t give you a date or any info at all because I’m me. But it’s very much on our minds. We love it far too much to let it go.

On his creative process
Apart from the stealing from friends, writers, artists and William Shakespeare. For a guy who notices very little I see everything. It all filters in. I have these weird genre filters in me and everything comes at me and I can’t stop. I can’t stop thinking of things that I want to say and different ways to say them. They don’t always work, are often re-written and not produced, but they keep coming and thank God they do. I don’t think of it as a creative process, it’s like blinking. It’s just the way I am. I’m not very good with actual people because I’m usually too busy with the little avatar world I live in.

On whether the audience will buy the show’s change in direction
I guess there are some shows like LOST that has done some stuff. I’ve never seen it. I’m busy. Okay fine, I’ll watch TV instead of making it for you. I’m such a prick. I do think that as long as we don’t send anyone to Feudal Japan, we’re pretty much okay.

On the similarities between FIREFLY and DOLLHOUSE
Told you, no new thoughts! Big evil corporations are my cup of tea in the morning. Yes, there are similarities, I’m not going to lie. But it’s not intentional or a shout out, but yes, this is very awkward.

On his fascination with large corporations and government messing with people’s minds
Have you been in America? I like to consider myself the great documentary film maker of our time. The entire structure is designed to mess with your minds, sell you things, entertain you, keep you in line, make you think you need things they want you to need, keep them in power, share none of it. But there are lights in the darkness, the art we get to create because the powerful patrons let us. But sometimes it’s like running the daycare on the death star. There is power and manipulation controlling almost all of our every thought, that is why I love this show so much.

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  • Lisa

    Are you sure that second to last question wasn’t the similarities between Angel and Dollhouse? What evil corporation was in Firefly?

  • Lisa,
    While I’m not 100% sure, as I tried to type as fast as humanly possible, and Joss talks really fast. I’m fairly certain it was FIREFLY as the question included the Wraith’s and how they were basically a giant government mistake. But it’s possible the ‘baddies’ of ANGEL were mentioned. But truth be told, my Joss love started with FIREFLY, and embarrassingly enough, have yet to watch BUFFY or ANGEL. Even though lord knows I’ve tried to get through BUFFY season 1…. just have yet to make it to where it gets watchable (which I hear is season 2!)

  • TVAddict, if you’re pressed for time, here’s a possible “cliff notes” style strategy for catching up on the series, without watching every single episode…

    Watch the season premieres, season finales, two-parters, and any other episode written and/or directed by Joss Whedon. Personally, I think seasons 3 & 5 are strong enough to watch just about every episode, but this strategy still includes Hush from season 4, one of the most unique episodes in the series.

    I didn’t like seasons 6 & 7 nearly as much and think they are skippable since the season 5 finale serves as a strong although somber bookend and was essentially the “network finale” of Buffy, as it was the last episode on WB before moving to UPN. *But*, I know I’m in the minority on that one, so if you have to watch any of season 6, you have to see at least the last four episodes for much of season 7 to make sense.

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  • bubbecat

    Re: Firefly evil corp….that’s Blue Sun Corp.

    It’s never really examined and is now open to discussion about what it’s part was.

    River slashes Jayne shirt with Blue Sun Corp on it. She also rips the labels off the food produced by Blue Sun. It’s safe to assume that the Corp is in league with the government producing things that control.

    The question is how…..(Firefly season 2 as well as Dollhouse season 2 please).

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  • NickC

    You haven’t watched Buffy or Angle?
    The first Buffy season is bad?

    This site is called TvAddict right?


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