First Look: CHUCK Gets an Awesome Third Season Poster


That sound you just heard: The internets losing its collective [expetive] over this fraktastic new CHUCK poster. [Source]

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  • I thought there were getting rid of a couple of the cast members…seems like everyone is in the poster.

  • Gert

    Awesome poster. Love the artwork.

  • Amy


  • Nice poster. I wonder what Chuck is holding. Looks like a high-tech weapon, maybe a laser gun. I wonder if Chuck gets access to top secret weaponry in season 3.

    Hopefully, a shortened season 3 and the near threat of cancellation will motivate those behind the show to crank up the story arc and character relationships, ala Lost.

  • Morgan

    ummmm, I hate to burst your bubble Todd but I’m pretty sure that Chuck is holding a price scanner or a sticker gun. hahaha.