Direct from Comic Con comes a gritty, dark and exciting new look at STARGATE UNIVERSE. Or with apologies to CAPRICA fans, what SyFy is definitely hoping is BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Version 2.0.

  • Chris

    Looks awesome – StarGate meets BSG maybe?

    Loved the Star Wars ESB Hoth comment 😀

  • ewanspotter

    Have you decided to give it a shot, TV Addict? The last time we talked about this show, you were in full mock mode. (Not that I’m necessarily gaga about it just because I love SG-1. I’m curious, if wary. Just wondering if you’d changed your mind.)

  • ewanspotter,
    With a cast that includes Ming Na, David Blue and Robert Carlyle, not to mention a premise that screams BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: TNG, I’m 100% on board the STARGATE bandwagon!

  • mara

    well, it’s stargate: voyager, isn’t it?