Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things We Learned at the CAPRICA/ BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Panel

Ronald D. Moore, not a fan of Emmy Voters
“It is a frakkin’ crime that the cast was never recognized for their performances. It is criminal.” said a visibly perturbed Moore who went on a surprising albeit fully deserved anti-Emmy tirade after yet another year of egregious Emmy snubs. “We would not be talking about CAPRICA on this panel today if it were not for the ensemble of actors that we put together on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.”

SyFy: Imagine Greater Less Boobies
One thing that won’t be coming with CAPRICA when it makes the jump from DVD to basic cable in January is the gratuitous nudity. That said, Moore does promise that when SyFy does rebroadcast the premiere, they’re planning to insert some new never-before seen goodies of presumably the non-nude variety. Joked fellow producer David Eick, “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS’ Jeffrey Reimer, who directed the pilot is known in the business for the speed in which he works. Yet somehow, on the days when he had to shoot the lesbian topless dancers… everybody’s standing around looking at their watch with Reimer saying, ‘Let me try and get one more shot!'”

THE PLAN = Awesome
After you watch the Edward James Olmos directed, Jane Espensen penned BATTLESTAR GALACTICA movie THE PLAN — which tells the story of BSG from the Cylon perspective — you will want to go back and watch the entire series over again. “My hat is off Ron Moore, David Eick and Jane Espensen for creating a piece of artistic work that actually breathes new life into the series,” revealed Olmos. Adding, ” I can guarantee you this will not be the last BATTLESTAR GALACTICA movie, It’s gonna be so successful it will rock their [NBC Universal, who produces the series] pants off.”

Edward James Olmos has a plan of his very own
One that we’ve already titled, purchased the domain for and trademarked “Admiral Adama: After the Finale.” Joked the actor, “When you next see Adama, he’s living in a rusty log cabin and there is a knock on his door. It’s his old friend Col. Tigh saying, ‘We have a problem.’ And the journey begins.”

It’s CAPRICA, Not a daytime soap
In fact, if you must compare CAPRICA to something, why not Buffy? At least according to BUFFY vet Jane Espensen who gave a shout out to her BUFFY peeps in her why-you-should-give-CAPRICA-a-chance sales pitch, “There’s a tiny essence of Buffy in CAPRICA. We’ve got ourselves an angry teenager and a robot. I think BUFFY fans will find something there.”