Say What? Our Comic Con Quotes of the Day!

“OMG! You killed Penny you bastard!” — exclaimed a not-so-understanding DR. HORRIBLE fan to Joss Whedon during his Comic Con Q&A.

“I forgot, she’s big here.” — said Freddie Prinze Jr who was caught off guard when the audience interrupted in applause during the 24 panel after he mentioned ‘his wife’ (Who just so happens to be Comic Con icon Sarah Michelle Gellar)

“Don’t be alarmed, we do blow sh*t up,” — assured Kiefer Sutherland to an audience of 24 fans following a fairly subdued sneak peak unveiling a fairly subdued preview of 24 Season 8.

“This is fantastic but at some point I need a gun because i’m starting to feel really naked. Preferably two.” — said 24’s newest CTU member Katee Sakehoff

“I’ve gotten more girls playing this role. I didn’t see that coming.” — revealed Johnny Galecki, who plays lovable loser Leonard on THE BIG BANG THEORY.

“Muffins and cookies,” — was BSG/CAPRICA executive producer David Eick’s less than serious answer [or so we hope] when asked what unique traits a female showrunner such as Jane Espensen brings to the writer’s room.

“. I do think that as long as we don’t send anyone to Feudal Japan, we’re pretty much okay.” — said Joss Whedon when asked how DOLLHOUSE intends to deal with time paradoxes introduced in episode 13.

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  • Silly

    Oh fuck off Joss … I loved your previous shows and I tried to look into Dollhouse like 3 times but its just boring

  • blueberry

    Whedon gets plus one for dissing Heroes because that’s the exact moment Heroes fell off– when Hiro was not able to kill Sylar and instead gets sent back in time for some romantic love triangle bullcrap.

  • April

    Love you Katee!!!