Comic Con 2009: Inside the Entertainment Weekly/ SyFy Party

Chuck Me!

Get ready to be jealous, kids, because I’m about to describe to you the coolest night of my life and, I warn you now, by the time I’m through, you’re gonna want to be me. And by that I mean you’re going to want to put aside whatever hobbies it is you do to while away the hours, start up a television blog of your very own, spend three years devoting every waking moment to it and spend far more than you’ll ever made back for your efforts… all in the hopes of having the kind of night I just had thanks to the site having gotten me the Comic Con equivalent of a Golden Ticket: an invitation to the Entertainment Weekly/SyFy party.

Not to oversell the event or anything, but it was basically the party of the year.

Where else would this TV Addict have the opportunity to geek out over STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION with FRINGE co-creator Roberto Orci, discuss Canada’s inferiority complex over its homegrown entertainment with TRUE BLOOD star Michelle Forbes and mistake boybander-turned-GREEK star Jesse McCartney with FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS star Jeremy Sumpter.

Um, okay, so that last bit may not have been my finest moment… but I digress.

Everywhere I looked, there was someone I worshipped having a conversation with someone I’d at one point considered stalking. Or in the case of Joss Whedon and Jane Espenson, forgoing conversation in order to bust a move on the dance floor as if they were mere mortals hanging at the local disco!

Folks, you would not believe the admissions, confessions and spoilers that come out of the mouths of actors after just a few martinis. (Of course, HPP — Hollywood Party Protocal, for those not in the know — dictates that my lips were sealed the moment I transitioned from red-carpet reporter to party guest! After all, I do want to be invited back next year and not left sitting on the other side of the doors like some Joan Rivers wannabe stuck on the red carpet!)

Want to be even more jealous than you no-doubt already are? Brace yourselves… because if there’s one thing you guys know about me it’s that I love almost nothing more than finangling my way into pics with stars like TRUE BLOOD’s Alexander Skarsgard (Eric). So to keep you entertained while you await my exclusive red-carpet reports in the days to come, enjoy some fun pics from the festivities after the jump!

The TV Addict and CAPRICA showrunner Jane Espenson

The TV Addict with VAMPIRE DIARIES star Paul Wesley and Hero Hayden Panettiere

The TV Addict with fellow Canadian, VAMPIRE DIARIES star Nina Dobev

The TV Addict with Jesse McCartney

The TV Addict with FAMILY GUY’s Seth MacFarlane

The TV Addict with WEEDS’ Hunter Parrish

The TV Addict with CASTLE’s Nathan Fillion

The TV Addict with LOSTermind Damon Lindelof

The TV Addict with TRUE BLOOD’s Sam Trammell and Nelsan Ellis

The TV Addict with TRUE BLOOD’s Sam Trammell and Hoyt Fotenberry

The TV Addict with THE GUILD’s Felicia Day and PopCandy’s Whitney Matheson

The TV Addict with Joss Whedon, aka the nicest man in Hollywood

The TV Addict with TRUE BLOOD DURHAM COUNTY star Michelle Forbes

The TV Addict with a few of Bon Temps’ finest

The TV Addict with ONE TREE HILL’s Torrey DeVitto and VAMPIRE DIARIES star Paul Wesley

The TV Addict with two geniuses, BIG BANG co-creator Bill Prady and LOSTermind Carlton Cuse

  • Megan

    Jealous? Yes I am! This TV blogger bows to your awesomeness, I want to be you when I grow up šŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing your pictures with us, and it looks like you had an amazing night, congrats!

  • True Blood


    It’s LaFayette Reynolds or NELSAN ELLIS! Get it right please.

    Hoyt is Jim Parrack. Dont dare touch Lafayette. LOL

  • It was great meeting you, but I AM SO JEALOUS that you got to go in. The rest of us were barred. Maybe next year?

    Also, the TB man in the pictures with you and Sam is actually Nelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette. You call him Hoyt, is this intentional?

  • Lucky you TV Addict!

  • Amy D

    Bill Prady, Joss Whedon, Sam Tremmal, Hayden P, Nathan Fillion?!
    Sooooo Jealous!
    So lucky!
    You defin. deserve it for being one of the bestest tv sites out there!
    Sounds like it was major awesomeness!

  • ewanspotter

    OMG! You’re standing next to Captain Tightpants!

    Yep. Officially jealous.

  • You lucky son-of-a-gun! My peers couldn’t even get pics with Hayden, lol.

  • So jealous! Hayden looks smoking hot in that pic too, you lucky S.O.B šŸ˜‰

  • Suzanne

    So jealous!!! Not only did you get to hang with Alexander Skarsgard Nathan Fillion but you met my heroes, Joss, Damon and Carlton.

  • Gypsy Breed

    OMG! Paul Wesley does NOT have agirlfriend. He’s following me on twitter, its awesome.

  • lucky you!!! (sorry for the late reaction :p)