Say What? Out TV Quote of the Day!


“officially cannot believe that a network run by a woman, programming for YOUNG GIRLS, celebrates The New Hump Day. Shame on everyone.”tweeted former PRIVILEGED, EVERWOOD showrunner Rina Mimoun upon discovering the CW’s newest poster (above) for their highly anticipated MELROSE PLACE reboot.

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  • Ace

    This is potentially the worst TV poster I have seen. Aside from the super sleezy saying, Michael is looking way creepy in the background. Too bad others aren’t like me and would rather have seen Mimoun’s Privileged come back instead.

  • This isn’t nearly as racy as some of the other potentials I saw just over a month ago. One of them had the slogan “See you next Tuesday”.

  • Ace

    Oh yeah, definitely not one of the racier ones (remember the Gossip Girl ones last year w/ “OMFG”?). I just meant that it was BAD. haha

  • Kristen

    Sorry televixen, buit how is “see you next Tuesday” racy?

  • Ace

    Ahh Kristen…I will not be writing what it means here b/c I’m sure TVA wouldn’t appreciate it. But Google it…

  • IAS