Say What? Our TV Quote of the Day!

“Given our history, it’s nice to follow a show that people really like.” — said MEDIUM creator Glenn Gordon Caron when asked what it’s like being paired with GHOST WHISPERER on CBS rather than the sinking ship that is HEROES on NBC.

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  • Ace

    The CBS staff had a lot of fun making fun of NBC yesterday, didn’t they? Not that it isn’t deserved, but ouch.

  • Nick


  • AJ

    personally I think it’s more that they have a similar demographic base. people that enjoy heroes aren’t necessarily the same as the ones that like medium. I know that I still love heroes, but I have never been able to sit thru a single episode of medium (or ghost whisperer for that matter).

    I get that there are hard feelings, but I hardly think they can blame their problems on heroes. I think it’s more “sinking ship that is” NBC.