2:33PM: In an effort to prevent anyone in the TCA audience from getting accidentally knocked up, CBS starts the panel of by handing out ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE branded condoms.

2:35PM: Good news: ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE is not a rip-off of Knocked Up. Bad news: It’s simply a rip-off based upon a book of the same name.

2:36PM: Because nothing says ‘funny’ like a single, pregnant film critic about to lose her job, a TCA member asks if protagonist Billie (played by Jenna Elfman) will suffer the same unfortunate fate that has befallen many of her real-life film critic counterparts. Umm…. we’re gonna go ahead and guess no.

2:39PM: What’s the one downside of no longer getting to commute to the New York based set of UGLY BETTY? “I won’t be getting as many air miles,” joked co-star Ashley Jensen, being sure to add on a more serious note, “I had a wonderful time on UGLY BETTY, was very sad to go, but am happy to be here. Plus, it would have been kind of difficult to be flying to New York with this all inside me [Jensen points to her belly, which if you didn’t know, is expanding rapidly courtesy of the little bundle of joy that’s growing insider of her]” Adds show creator Claudia Lonow, “Expect Ashley’s character to gain a lot of sympathy weight.”

2:41PM: And now it’s time for the game that has the audience all-a-twitter, “Finish That Sentence!” Here’s how you play: Simply vote for your favorite ending to the following sentence in the comments below. Ready…. When star Jenna Elfman reveals that she was attracted to ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE, “because I love comedy so much and I was bound and determined to find another show.” Is your favorite ending courtesy of, (a) hitfixdaniel, “In the meantime… ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE” or (b) Michael Ausiello, “Wait, she’s already lined up another project after ACCIDENTALLY?”

2:49: Full disclosure: The only bright spot from ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE’s middling pilot, well, aside from continued employment for ex-MELROSE PLACE tenant Grant Show is Billie’s obstetrician played by THE DAILYS SHOW’s Special Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore. And lucky for viewers, creator Claudia Lonow, who we’re just gonna say it —gives off a very Lisa Kudrow’s character from THE COMEBACK kinda vibe — promises he’ll be back, “We want to have him back as much as we can get him. I admire him as a writer and a performer.”

2:50PM: In what sure took us by surprise, it took a solid fifteen minutes for Grant Show to get the obligatory MELROSE PLACE question. And because we know you’re dying to know: (1) Yes, there have been talks about Show reprising his role as Jake Hanson, (2) He’s not opposed to it, and (3) Anything can happen and if it does, it will probably be next season.

2:53PM: Ashley Jensen is asked to compare her beyond-brilliant turn on Ricky Gervais’ beyond-brilliant series EXTRAS to ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE. Her answer, “it’s much more conventional that EXTRAS.” Which we’re fairly certain is code for a lot less funny.

Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

  • Tim

    i like a. lol “I’ve been looking for a good sitcom. . . and I still am, but this will do in the meantime.”

  • Ace

    This show sounds pretty horrific. I wish Ashley had just stayed on Ugly Betty. But on the upside, Betty doesn’t come back until October so by then she’ll probably be free to rejoin the cast :-P.

  • Ryan Walker

    I love this show! I think it is hilarious!!

  • Ryan Walker

    I love this show. Check out this hilarious new clip I found that just got leaked from tonight’s episode. Make sure to tune into Accidentally on Pupose Monday nights at 8:30 pm on CBS!