TCA Live Blog Day 1: CBS Executive Session


9:05AM: Attending the TCA Press tour just got really, really awkward, courtesy of a blogger hit piece by former Man-Crush SFGate TV critic Tim Goodman.

9:11AM: A critic starts off the Q&A with CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler by referring to her as “Nancy.” Score one for the bloggers!

9:15AM: It doesn’t take long for Tassler to take an initial shot across NBC’s bow with regards to how THE JAY LENO SHOW might-or-might-not-do, “Whatever ratings they [NBC] get they’re going to declare victory anyways so it really doesn’t matter!”

9:18AM: Tassler on FLASHPOINT, “We have nine more original episodes that we’re going to air in-season. It was a great experience and we certainly look forward to more arrangements like that. THE BRIDGE is coming, we haven’t decided when. But it’s been great for us.”

9:19AM: Eureka! Tassler just shared the secret of successful television while discussing the failure of HARPER’S ISLAND. “The challenge is finding something that can appeal to a niche audience and have a broad appeal. HARPER’S ISLAND was very specific, very niche and just didn’t grab onto the bigger audience.” In other-words, unlike on NBC, a hit show on CBS requires a mass audience.

9:20AM: Tassler’s reaction to NBC declaring Conan the “King of Late Night” two weeks into his tenure, “”Really!? Really!? It seemed premature.” Adding. “I have no desire to do that,” when baited by a critic as to whether she’d like to prognosticate on Conan’s future.

9:23AM: LBGT community rejoice! Tassler swears that CBS has several projects in development that have gay and lesbian characters within the show.

9:26AM: Tassler gets her fourth third FLASHPOINT question. Just how many Canadian critics are here?

9:29AM: According to Tassler, George Eads’ back issues played a surprisingly prominent role in last season’s CSI downward spiral. Grissom’s exit, not so much. But just in case, Sara’s coming back and [brace yourself!] Laurence Fishburne is getting an extreme makeover! [Read: New wardrobe!]

9:31AM: To the five of you who were giddy with anticipation over the possibility of a GHOST WHISPERER/ MEDIUM crossover, don’t hold your breath.

9:32AM: A TV critic asks if the days of ALL IN THE FAMILY and ROSEANNE are officially over and is TV too focused on white affluent people. Tassler sights the gang’s from THE BIG BANG THEORY and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER as examples of average white Americans… clearly neglecting to take into account the budget for Barney’s suits or Sheldon’s shirts. We’re just sayin’

9:36AM: Tassler on the cancellation of WITHOUT A TRACE, “It was a very tough decision but we feel that it was better to go out on a creative high-point.” We’re not so sure the fans would agree.

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  • Nick

    The guy who plays Sheldon on Big Bang deserves the Emmy strictly for the complex dialogue he had to deliver last night. (Of course, he does it almost weekly, but I’m always amazed.) Dude is just hilarious.