TCA Live Blog Day 1: THE GOOD WIFE


10:03AM: THE GOOD WIFE Executive Producer/Creator Robert King starts off the panel on a lighter note, “Michelle (his writing partner/wife) and I started writing THE GOOD WIFE a year ago, when you could hike the Appalachian Trail without snickering.”

10:04AM: Just how ‘good’ is THE GOOD WIFE? “I think you hit exactly the question of the show,” revealed Executive Producer/Creator Michelle King. “That will play out in her decisions, does she stay [with her disgraced philandering husband], or does she go?”

10:06AM: On the real-life ‘good wives,’ star Julianna Margulies concedes that, “I was so quick to judge them until I stood in Alicia’s shoes. We don’t know what’s going on in the bedroom, we don’t know what their deal is at home, we don’t know what has been going on in their marriage over the years. And that’s not to say anyone should ever cheat, rather, we’re just so quick to judge.”

10:10AM: “I wasn’t eager at all because they’re hard and incredibly difficult to shoot,” said Margulies with regards to whether or not she was eager to return to the small screen. “I kept saying, I don’t want to do a legal show. We have great legal shows on the air, why would we put another one on.”

10:14AM: On the level of involvement of Chris Noth, Robert King vaguely answers, “He’s an important part of the series.” Our take: Just not important enough to pay him for every single episode!

10:15AM: On what it’s like after stepping away from ER (and 27 million dollars!) ten years ago Margulies had this to say, “It’s a very different world, on ER we got a forty-four share every week. Now what’s a hit? A nine?” Adding, “It’s the medium for women with the richest characters I can find.”

10:20AM: In response to whether or not ‘bad’ husband Chris Noth will get out of jail early, all the panel will do is say, “Maybe…” Well, that and snicker!

10:23AM: On why you won’t see THE GOOD HUSBAND anytime soon, “I think women are too busy,” exclaims Julianna Margulies. “Between the kids and the job and the cleaning and the cooking we don’t have the time [to cheat]. Honestly, we’re exhausted.”

10:24AM: When asked whether or not she’d include Patti Blagojevich among the likes of Mrs. Spitzer and Mrs. Sandford, Margulies explains that, “I don’t consider it the same type of scandal. Blagojevich didn’t cheat on her, he cheated on everyone else…. then she went on some reality show… I mean God!”

10:25AM: With regards to what has already become the 2009 TCA meme — NBC’s decision to concede the 10PM slot to its competition — Margulies says, “I think it’s great because we’re now on CBS and I don’t know how someone can watch three talk shows in a row. I could be wrong, but for my money it makes me sad for actors, directors and writers.”

10:28AM: “It was exactly what I would expect from those wonderful people, they never did anything less,” said Margulies on the topic of her ER swan song. “It was really fun to go back. George [Clooney] and I had a great three days. It was a wonderful way to say good-bye.”

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS