Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why We’re Excited for TCA [Aside from the fact that it’s our first!]

1. Replace steroid-riddled Major League Baseball players with cocktail-swilling professional TV critics and you’ve got reason #1 why this TV Addict is excited for TCA. It’s pretty much our MLB Fantasy Camp equivalent.

2. Thanks to the wonders of live blogging, we’ll be first to get you all of the scoop on your favorite shows both new and old. Assuming of course you don’t follow prolific tweeters hitfixdaniel, sepinwall, moryan and the televisionary who will no doubt tweet us to the punch!

3. TCA is Comic Con for professional television reporters: All of the access, none if the costumes. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

4. This TV Addict finally gets to come face-to-face with his man crush, SFGate TV critic extraordinaire Tim Goodman so that I might present him with a gift. Which FYI, is not nearly as creepy as it sounds. I hope.

5. Attending TCA puts me one step closer to my final goal… world domination. (Um… did I say that aloud?)

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  • World domination was my plan…HANDS OFF! 😉

  • Adam, in truth, I’ll settle for the TV world!