TCA Live Blog Day 2: CW Prez Dawn Ostroff Gets Grilled

Like a dead man woman walking, CW President Dawn Ostroff tried her best to delay the inevitable. But alas, at the annual press tour, it’s surprisingly difficult to avoid the firing squad that is the Television Critics Association as they anxiously await their opportunity to unleash a flurry of questions, most of them revolving around the current status of Mischa Barton’s health. So after distracting the audience with shiny beautiful things (namely Elle Macphersen’s sparkly sequined jacket during THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE panel), the smoldering Robert Pattinson-esque looks of new VAMPIRE DIAIRES bad boy Paul Wesley and promo after promo after promo for the network’s slew of new shows that the CW swears — you’ll be like totally blogging, tweeting and im’ing about — it was time. Time for Ostroff to answer for her crimes against humanity (Read: EVERWOOD’s cancellation!) Okay not really (and yes, still bitter!). But here’s what she did have to say, minus a few really inane questions from a few traditional print journalists who shall not be named.

On why SMALLVILLE was the best choice for Friday: It was the best way to open up Friday, with a big established hit like SMALLVILLE.

On what the CW can offer to guys over 35: There are a lot of men who watch SMALLVILLE, SUPERNATURAL and TOP MODEL. Maybe they don’t admit it, but people come up to me all the time and tell me they love the network.

On the future of SMALLVILLE: This season I think the producers have done a great job. Zod is going to be the big villain and we’re all going to be kneeling to Zod. The cast is excited, as are the producers and we have high hopes for it staying on the air.

On the future of SUPERNATURAL: Eric Kripke has done a great job with the show and creatively it has gotten stronger every year. The cast is wonderful and we’re hopeful that it will stay on the air. (FYI: That noise you just heard was the squee of 2 million fangirls.)

On the status of the GOSSIP GIRL spinoff: Right now it doesn’t look likely.

On the possibility of a MELROSE PLACE/ 90210 crossover: With both shows set (and filming) in LA, I think that is something that we will explore.

On Mischa Barton’s health: It was not even an issue. We’re happy that she’s better but what went on in her personal life is a personal matter.

On the possibility of Michael Rosenbaum shaving his head again: The idea has always been to keep the character [of Lex Luthor] alive and make his presence really felt. I wouldn’t rule it out but I don’t know if it will happen this season. I don’t know that we’ve had a conversation with Michael.

On the future of the most-buzzed-about-pilot nobody’s seen: BODY POLITIC is dead. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve never been in a situation where literally every pilot we’ve shot this year could have been on the schedule. They were just all great pilots, almost like a “Sophie’s Choice.”

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  • Amy D

    So sad about Body Politic 🙁

  • Amy D – I hear ya. “Body Politic” was one of the best non-pilots I’ve seen. I as so excited about the cast.

  • It actually makes sense to me that they move SMALLVILLE to Friday to strengthen that night but what I don’t understand is that CW didn’t capitalize by airing a show after it and not a rerun of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. What a waste of timeslot considering they already gave up on Sundays.

  • cassi

    Body Politic looked really good! *sigh* i guess it didn’t fit with the Cw’s MO. I would love to see Supernatural and Smallville continue but I can’t shake the feeling that they will replace these two shows with another recycled show about young people, fashion and sex next year! *sigh*

  • MMW

    Ostroff, really? Comparing your choices for the fall season to choosing which of your own children live or die in a concentration camp? Clearly, some network president is wearing her favorite perfume, “Clueless Douchbag”, today.

  • Juliet

    The reason to not pick up Body Politic is just ridiculous and maybe a little …pathetic : really the Sophie’s choice ?! Really ? …STOP no comment..
    And for the record i have seen this famous pilot and it was…good, actually too good for the CW.