melrose_place_tcaMP Stars: Colin Egglesfield, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Laura Leighton, Thomas Calabro, Katie Cassidy

11:00AM: Laura Leighton on Sydney’s return, “Playing Sydney the first time was such fun there was no downside to playing her again.” Thomas Calabro on Michael’s return, “I was very excited that he had even more money than before, ultimate power, and if he continues to be an evil dower it bodes well for that.”

11:02AM: When asked where MELROSE PLACE 2.0 will fall in terms of tone, producer Todd Slavkin promises that “it’s still the most scandalous address in West Hollywood.”

11:04AM: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz borrows a line from Britney Spears, proclaiming that the really innocent character she plays is… not so innocent.

11:04AM: Executive Producer Darren Swimmer doesn’t feel like there are lessons to be learned from 90210’s first season. Any readers care to educate him?

11:07AM: Spoiler Alert #1: Swimmer promises that Sydney’s murder won’t be milked out over the entire season, but will wrap up after several episodes.

11:08AM: Since we know Heather Locklear is totally reading this, we just thought you should know: According to the producing team, the door is always open for you to return and they’ve got a great way for you to come into the show.

11:10AM: Bad news for fans of Shooters, Swimmer believes that the iconic Melrose Place hang-out is under new management and there are currently no plans to revisit.

11:13AM: Spoiler Alert #2: Slavkin confirms that Katie Cassidy’s character is not related to Locklear’s Amanda Woodward. #3: Her character is a trisexual, meaning, she will try anything! #4: A Melrose Gay is in the works, keep watching.

11:15AM: Paging Child Protective Services… Much to co-star Laura Leighton’s chagrin, Cassidy reveals that her parent’s didn’t allow her to watch MELROSE PLACE because she was to young.

11:21AM: Former TERMINATOR: SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES co-star Stephanie Jacobsen reveals that “I’m getting beaten up a lot less,” and that, “I love Sci Fi but feel like this is a very timely change for me.”

11:22AM: Spoiler Alert #5: Slavkin promises that Daphne Zuniga is coming up in a terrific role, Jo Renoylds will be back with a vengeance and that at last night’s CW/CBS/Showtime party, he had the opportunity to talk to Grant Show and that “stuff’s brewing, definitely.”

Photo Credit: Joe Magnani/ The CW

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  • Tim

    I look forward to the new Melrose, but they better establish the new characters or they’ll have a “90210” mess on their hands. How do they plan on keeping Laura Leighton around? I assume not longer than the first season.