TVD Stars Katerina Graham, Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev

9:16AM: Before we bite into live blogging THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, full disclosure: All typos, spelling and grammatical errors may-or-may-not-be as a result of one too many drinks at last night’s phenomenal CW/CBS/Showtime party.

9:19AM: “A lot of my cast-mates and I have been doing a lot of great things and it all started out with DEGRASSI,” explained THE VAMPIRE DIARIES star Nina Dobrev on the CW farm system that is DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION.

9:21AM: When asked by a reporter when the obsession with vampires will end, executive producer Julie Plec correctly answers, “Hopefully not before September 10th [when the show premieres]” Well played Plec, well played.

9:23AM: Put on the spot to make a “Sophie’s Choice” of her very own, Dobrev sidesteps choosing a favorite co-star only to reveal that in terms of the characters, “Stefan is the man who tries to reach Elena’s soul and cares about her, where as Damon has that bad boy quality which at the end of the day no girl can resist.”

9:25AM: Williamson deflects comparisons to his first hit WB show DAWSON’S CREEK by explaining that, “We’re staying true to the books in the sense that we’re not trying to make it a high school show, we’re much more of a small town show and once you get past the premise, we’ll start to develop the story of this town and the huge mythology that author L.J. Smith created.” Translation: Expect less VAMPIRE CREEK and more VAMPIRE TREE HILL or if we’re lucky, VAMPIREWOOD.

9:27AM: Actor Paul Wesley comes out of the closet…. as a Twilight fan that is! “I found it [the movie] pretty engaging, I actually liked it, which surprised me.” admits Wesley, “If there are any similarities to Robert Pattinson in Twilight so be it. All I can do is take the scripts that Kevin [Williamson] and Julie [Plec] write and do my own honest portrayal. I don’t think it would be wise for any actor to make judgements on their character based on anyone else.”

9:32AM: When asked about the appeal of Vampires, Dobrev makes a statements that we can only hope a soon-to-be-giant-mega-star won’t live to regret in this paparazzi/ stalkarazzi crazed culture that we find ourselves in, saying there is, “something about a man who lurks in the dark.” Adds EP Julie Plec, “Jordan Catalano, Dylan McKay… you want to believe that there is so much going on beneath their eyes. Epic amounts of knowledge, soul, spirituality, intelligence. And in real men, you don’t get that.”

9:35AM: Kevin Williamson doesn’t really get twitter, making us question as to why we’re following him @kevwilliamson

9:42AM: Spoiler alert that will surely mean far more to fans who are familiar with the books on which the show is based. Williamson teases that there is a character coming in a couple of episodes, a series regular, who will come into town with an agenda and will serve as a wake up call to the town that wakes up to vampires relatively quickly and tries to do something about it.

Photo Credit: Jaimie Trueblood/ The CW

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