The Tweet Heard Round the World: Paula Abdul Exits AMERICAN IDOL

Approximately one hour ago, Paula Abdul shocked the world by putting together a coherent 140 character sentence announcing her decision to leave AMERICAN IDOL (via twitter) after failing to reach a salary agreement with FOX Broadcasting and the show’s producers. Happy? Sad? Indifferent? Discuss.

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  • Common Sense

    She added nothing to the show, critique-wise, as viewers have complained for years. Color me skeptical. This show seems to manufacture off-season “controversy” every single year to keep the show in the headlines. If she’s not sitting beside Simon come January, I’ll be as shocked as anyone.

  • bws

    If she does leave, it could help the show regain some of its seriousness. When the only thing she added to the show was unintentional comedy… it was probably time to wrap it up.

  • Ace

    I don’t really watch Idol except on the occassional commercial break, but I know a few people who watch the show regularly. And they all hated the new judge and it seems like anytime I read something that talks about Idol that the commenters say the same thing. So this really suprises me that they would keep her and ditch Paula.

  • Younowho

    Can’t believe it and I hate the new judge. As silly as Paula appears, the chemistry between her and Simon, both positive and negative, was terrific. She provided an excellent balance between Simon and Randy. I believe she will be missed.

  • luke

    Paula on her own is very blahh, but the dynamic between Paula and Simon really added a lot to the show. Is there any news on whether Randy is staying? I really wish Randy was the one leaving.

  • Nick

    I second that motion, Luke. How many times can we hear the phrase, “It was a little pitchy for me, dawg.” ?? Randy is so lucky to have ever been offered this gig in the first place. I mean, who IS he? And who CARES?

  • luke

    or “for me for you” or “that was blazing hot”. At least Paula’s not predictable.

  • bws

    I agree that Randy also adds nothing to AI. I liked Kara… I felt she actually gave useful critique instead of being a parody of herself like Paula and Randy. People seemed to like Paula because they knew what they were going to get from her: adoring praise. Kara was unpredictable and for some, that was scary.

    Also, kudos to the TVA for being the first place I saw this story this morning. Nicely done!

  • Just to add my two cents, FOX is making a big mistake. Because as much as Paula could get on my nerves, she at least brought an air of unpredictability to a show that often is both tedious and predictable. Personally, would have much rather seen Randy or Kara go to make room for Paula’s salary demands.

    That said, I’d be curious to know how far apart both parties were, because we all know IDOL gave Abdul another 15 minutes of fame… what’s next? CELEBRITY APPRENTICE?

  • Josh Emerson

    I think you nailed it right there Addict. Paula has no future without Idol. She didn’t make the show, the show made her. AI will be just fine without her. I don’t know what she was thinking demanding a large amount of money. The only one the show can’t afford to lose is Simon. Everyone else is expendable.

    Overall I didn’t mind Kara. I thought she brought some credibility to the show. Although she’s written pieces of crap like “No Boundaries” she has also written some good songs (“Not Meant To Be”, “Rich Girl”, “Walk Away”, “Sober”, “Good Girls Go Bad”)

  • bws

    Funny how TVA and I saw Paula completely differently. I saw her as completely predictable and TVA saw her as a rogue, unpredictable judge! HA!

    I think she’ll be hard pressed to find another way to make 10 million dollars in 2010.

  • Nick

    I’m still just dumbstruck. $10-million per year for a few months on the TOP-rated series in America, to sit and offer mindless babble. When you’re an over-the-hill, not-in-demand celeb during the worst economy since the Depression.

    Walking away from that proves one thing: Paula is clearly not playing with a full deck. I tend to believe Ms. Abdull is curled up in a ball, terrified and stunned that FOX took her up on the departure tweet.

  • It sounds like Paula got a little greedy.