Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things That Happened While The TV Addict Was On Hiatus

As most of you know, Daniel — aka the TV Addict — somehow thought himself deserving of a little break. So here’s C.T.’s take on a few things that happened while our host was off cavorting and completely ignoring his E-mails!

Nigel Lythgoe got twitterpated
When people complained about the much-hyped performance of Katie Holmes — in which she lip-synched her way through a song in a pre-taped bit on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE’s 100th episode — the show’s producer took to twitter (@dizzyfeet) to defend her. Apparently, he failed to realize that when you lead people to expect one thing and then deliver something completely different, they might complain. “I can’t figure out why people are judging Katie as a dancer,” he posted, as if every performer who takes to the stage — be it on a reality show, Broadway or in any other venue — is judged by those who see it. We love Lythgoe, but on this one, he came off sounding like a diva.

BIG BROTHER got nasty
In what may have been the best speech delivered by a houseguest up for nomination since the days of Dr. Will, Casey — while dressed in a banana suit — said, “The reason I’m in this position is because two houseguests stabbed me in the back: Ronnie, the manipulative dorkapotamus with the God complex, Jesse the self-absorbed… egomaniac with the personality and IQ of, ironically enough, a banana.”

CBS got a DEAL
How do you replace the longest-running show in broadcast history? Why, with a remake of a crappy game show, of course. That’s what CBS did when they announced yesterday that GUIDING LIGHT, which ends its historic run on September 18th, will be replaced by product-placement friendly LET’S MAKE A DEAL. Perhaps not surprisingly, the press release sent out to herald the game show’s acquisition makes no mention of the fact that it’s replacing the classic soap. Classy, guys. Real classy.

Mischa Barton got a babysitter
In a twist that could have been lifted from the ahead-of-its-time comedy GROSSE POINT — which tracked the backstage antics of the stars of a BEVERLY HILLS 90210-like show — Barton is reportedly being trailed by a “sober coach” whose job is to keep the starlet out of trouble as she begins filming her new series, THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE. Seeing as the actress supposedly told police she could “see tree people”, we can’t help wondering if perhaps they should have gotten her a chainsaw-wielding groundskeeper instead.

NBC finally got something right
The long-overdue exit of Ben Silverman as the troubled network’s entertainment co-chairman was at least a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, his replacement — Jeff Gaspin — won’t have a chance to make any major changes in the immediate future as NBC has already locked in its fall schedule and has the daunting task of turning Jay Leno’s 10 p.m. timeslot into a winner. Yeah, um, good luck with that.

  • Nick

    “We love Lythgoe.”

    I sincerely doubt that many people share your feelings about this guy.

  • Isn’t Let’s Make a Deal the show with people dressed up in embarrassing costumes? I vaguely remember it looking too stupid to watch even when I was a kid. I don’t even know how the game is played.

    Speaking of CBS game shows, is Drew Carey still hosting The Price Is Right, and if so, are people still saying he sucks at it?

  • ct

    NICK: I’d take Lythgoe judging on SYTYCD over Cowell’s scripted, boring, predictable, cruel patter on IDOL any day. Lythgoe’s critiques are helpful, honest and seem to come from a place of wanting the best from the dancers.

    Todd: Yeah, Drew’s still hosting. He’s okay… he’s no Bob Barker, but then again, who is? And yes, DEAL is the show with the costumes. Blech.

  • Tim

    You Daniel (unlike McDonalds) deserved a break. -) Loved the fact Casey went out w/ bells ringing on “big brother.” As for CBS being classy, that Tiffany network is in need of a shine. They downplayed the whole “Guiding Light” getting cancelled and have now announced that “As the World Turns” is next on their hit list. Yes, game shows are cheaper, but who’s gonna watch? When I think of “Lets Make A Deal” I think Turtle wax. lol A year’s supply for the guy w/ no car! Sweet!