Our Take on UGLY BETTY’s Extreme Makeover


Did Betty Suarez just get an extreme makeover? Or is the above photo (Which may in fact be part of a rumored test balloon floated by the proverbial powers that be) simply a brilliant marketing ploy by ABC to remind fans that, “Hey, we only moved BETTY to Friday, we didn’t cancel her!”

That’s the question we find ourselves asking this afternoon after taking a look at the new and improved Demi Lovoto not-so-ugly Betty. The other question — again, assuming that this ‘leaked’ photo isn’t simply an ingenious marketing ploy, single episode stunt, or dream sequence, is — has Betty’s makeover gone too extreme? I mean sure, we’re the first to admit that we’ve scratched our head for years now as to how and why such a seemingly smart, self-confident and driven young women could fail so spectacularly to pick up even a few fashion tips whilst toiling away at Mode these past three years (Eyebrow pluck, contacts, anything!) But seriously, what kind of message is it sending to young girls when you’ve got Betty looking like she just walked off the set of the CW’s THE BEAUTIFUL LIVE: TBL?

Photo Source: JustJared.com

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  • bws

    hey you know this one of my pet peeves with the show… how has she not grown at all these past few years? I’d like to see some gradual changes this season, lose the braces, straighten the hair. they don’t have to do it all at once. this doesn’t have to be one of those “inner beauty” conversations – I mean, I do GET IT. The title IS UGLY Betty. She just has to be practical about working at a fashion magazine in NYC. Keep the feisty Brooklyn Betty personality, just update the look a teensy bit.

  • Tim

    “Ugly Betty”‘s new look should slowly be integrated. Start w/ the braces, contacts, and then have someone (at Mode) tell her, “you need better fashion sense.’ UB could try her hand at wearing some of the latest fashion wear, which in all honesty, real ppl don’t wear. Thus the ‘ugly.’ lol imo

  • frank

    she does still wear those trademark glasses though as photos of her on set reveal. it doesn’t seem like that far of a stretch to me.