TCA Live Blog Day 3: NBC Top Brass Talk CHUCK, FNL, KINGS, LENO & More!

9:50AM: NBC Entertainment President Angela Bromstad defends summer programming, saying that MERLIN and THE PHILANTHROPIST have done ‘okay.’ And MERLIN in particular, is on brand. As per THE LISTENER… crickets… crickets…

9:52AM: Paul Telegdy, NBC Executive Vice President of Alternative (read: Reality) Programming proclaims Paula Abdul, “an exceptional talent that I’ve been lucky to meet a few times.” In other-words, we set the odds at 50/50 that you can expect “Paula Thinks You’ve Got Talent” come Summer 2010.

9:53AM: Bromstad is looking forward to Bryan Fuller creating his own shows (so to are we), and swears that HEROES is doing exceptionally well this season. We’ll believe it when we see it.

9:54AM: Apparently, Ben Silverman’s plan all along was to transition back to his entrepreneurial roots. Riiiiigggghhhhttttttt

9:56AM: Bromstad and Telegdy brilliantly dodge the question pertaining to the numbers THE JAY LENO experiment has to attract to be considered a success.

9:59AM: FYI: If you don’t fall between the ages of 18-49, you don’t exist in the eyes of NBC. Sorry Mom and Dad.

10:10AM: Good News: Bromstad sees DAY ONE as a big event for the network. Bad News: One that might not necessarily return for day two.

10:02AM: Perfectly encapsulating everything wrong with network TV comes Bromstad’s answer to what went wrong with KINGS, “Great production, Michael Green is a phenomenal writer, but it was too difficult to sell in a 30 second spot.”

10:05AM: No contingency plan as of yet should THE JAY LENO experiment fail. Although we can’t help but think that THE PAULA ABDUL VARIETY HOUR is sure looking like a good idea this morning.

10:06AM: On the NBC brand, Bromstad states that, “our goal is to bring back high quality sophisticated comedy and drama…” No word on where 100 QUESTIONS fits exactly…

10:11AM: Fun Fact: The NBC development budget has yet to be cut even with the addition of SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL and JAY LENO. Which still doesn’t explain TRAUMA (ER with more explosions!), MERCY (GREY’S ANATOMY with Nurses!) and again, 100 QUESTIONS. We’re just sayin’

10:13AM: SOUTHLAND has been dummed-down tweaked this season to focus on Regina King and Benmanin Mackenzie’s characters, in addition to more of a focus on the crimes. LAPD BLUE anyone?

10:15AM: Best question of the panel goes to the reporter who had the cojones to ask, “Is it really necessary for CELEBRITY APPRENTICE to be two excruciating hours.”

10:20AM: Runner-up best question of the panel goes to the reporter who asked if we could shorten THE BIGGEST LOSER because it “gets really repetitive.”

10:21AM: Leave it to the excellent @ericgoldmanign to ask the CHUCK question everyone this TV Addict was waiting for. “Three or four scripts in, the show is on a great track creatively,” answers Bromstad. “But right now, it’s not scheduled to come on until March.” Adding, that as part of the network’s new summer strategy to air actual entertainment such as FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS during the summer, the possibility is always there for a full season pick-up.

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  • Ace

    MARCH??? I thought we were looking at January at the latest. *goes and cries in a corner*

    The reason the 30 second spots for Kings didn’t work is b/c they tried to advertise the show as some cheap soap opera set in a fictional kingdom instead of an epic retelling of a biblical story. I guarantee that if they had sold it properly, it would have gotten far more viewers. I wasn’t even going to watch b/c it sounded cheesy, but luckily for me there was nothing else on that night. 😛

  • Tim

    NBC sounds like a ‘hot mess.’ They need leadership and shows asap. They’re going down faster than hot dogs on the Biggest Loser. lol No “Chuck” til March. What the frak? That’s the ONE NBC show I am looking forward to.

  • BHcolin

    No Friday Night Lights until next summer! Chuck not until March! really NBC, really

  • Nick

    Memo to NBC: I’m in your age demo, and I watch exactly two shows on your network, 30 Rock and The Office. And even then, only when there’s a CW repeat. Just sayin’…

  • I agree with what everyone above has written.

  • NBC ought to give up on trying sci-fi, because they’ve never been great at it, or at least not consistent, with Quantum Leap being the only notable, long-term exception. Granted, Seaquest went for 3 or 4 seasons, but that doesn’t mean it was good. Besides, now that NBC-U owns SciFi, I mean SyFy, they ought to shift ever genre program they have, except maybe one (probably Chuck), to cable.

    I’d like to see David E. Kelley, Aaron Sorkin, or some other proven producer get a new show on NBC. 2010 would be the perfect year to start a West Wing spinoff. CBS’s niche is procedurals and shows that somehow appeal to the older crowd. ABC is a little more hip & edgy (sort of). And, Fox is, well, Fox. NBC is at its best when it has top notch, serious dramas (West Wing, ER, L.A. Law) complimented with one or two blocks of comedies per week. Reality TV & game shows have hurt NBC’s brand of quality. They need to get back to their roots.

  • Emily N.

    I’m in NBC’s demo, and I watch all the Thurs night comedies, Chuck, & Friday Night Lights. The only new show I’m interested in is Community. So until Chuck comes on in the Spring, I’m only going to be watching NBC on Thursday nights.

  • Scott S.

    As long as the networks are true dictatorships starting and stopping programs at will, the viewers are at their mercy. In order to show them that we need more control, we stop watching poor programs because there is nothing else on, start buying the products from shows ads we like, and email them on the shows we watch. Right now, the advertisers and Nielsen are dictating what they want us to watch. I’ll watch The reruns of The Unit on WB before watching any of the new line up from the big 3. Chuck should have been an anchor program in Sept. by now, NBC knows that too. Game shows are expendable.