2:57PM: “Something new and different,” is the theme of the panel and what co-creator Brad Wright promises STARGATE: UNIVERSE [SGU] is all about. “Other than the ‘Stargate,’ which is very much at the core of the show, a whole lot is different from the original series.”

2:59PM: David Blue comes out of the closet… as a huge nerd/ geek. Explains the actor, “It’s a great role to play because I get to come onto the show, watch the Stargate turn on, and like anyone of us in the same situation be absolutely flabbergasted.” Adds co-creator Brad Wright, “David Blue is our on-set focus group.”

3:01PM: Still apprehensive about this nerdy Sci Fi SyFy show? Perhaps co-creator Robert Cooper’s taste in television can entice you, “I’m a huge fan of FIREFLY, which kind of set the bar for modern day science fiction for us. I’m a big fan of the SHIELD, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and their shooting styles and the way they use character to forward their series.”

3:03PM: Actor Lou Diamond Phillip’s gets the panel’s biggest laugh by explaining how he came to the role. “Like Edward James Olmos [on BSG] they needed another three-named ethnic guy.”

3:04PM: Bad news for fans of the Wraith, not to mention Vancouver’s latex industry. Creators Wright and Cooper promise that SGU is stepping away from rubber-faced english speaking aliens.

3:06PM: A TCA reporter congratulates Lou Diamond Phillips for making it out of the jungle [on NBC’s I’M A CELEBRITY….] with his dignity, which we’re *sure* he appreciated being brought up in a roomful of well, anybody.

3:09PM: Spoiler Alert: There is a device on the show which will allow people on the ship to switch consciousness with people on earth. Begging the obvious question, isn’t that what the Stargate is for?

3:11PM: David Blue really is a geek. He just tried to talk quantum theory at a TCA panel. Me no follow.

3:12PM: Wright clarifies, we will run into aliens, just not rubber-faced english speaking ones. Phew.

3:12PM: Robert Carlyle recounts what attracted him to the project… can’t focus… mesmerized by the coolness of his accent.

3:13PM: Ming-Na calls San Diego Comic Con, “a tremendous experience, 4,500 screaming fans, I felt like a rock star, I want to cut an album.” Hey, if William Shatner can do it…

3:14PM: David Blue mentions he’s on twitter. Which yeah, we’re not gonna lie, we already know… because we’re like totally twitter bff’s!

3:15PM: Wright re-iterates that original fans of the franchise will be rewarded, but their goal this time really is a mainstream audience… on SyFy… really?

3:16PM: In response to whether or not 24: REDEMPTION was a trial balloon for doing American television, Robert Carlyle responds, “Yes and No. I tend to always go towards projects where I like the people. Kiefer Sutherland and I are very good friends and he’s always on the phone saying, “You gotta do 24.” Which I really enjoyed. But more of an indication was when I played Hitler for CBS [HITLER: THE RISE OF EVIL] and HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Both very joyful experiences.” Added Wright, “We’re Canadian, so he’s not entirely doing American television.”

3:17PM: In case you didn’t get the message, once again, the producers honestly believe that STARGATE virgins can tune in, watch the show and find out in the course of the first two hours through the introduction of Eli [David’s characters] to the program. Eli’s introduction is the audiences.

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  • (Spoiler Alert, sort of — response to Spoiler Alert item from above…)

    The device that they mentioned is totally different from the Stargate. The Stargate physically transports a person or object, in whole, to another location many, many lightyears away — even across galaxies under certain conditions (enough power, the right coordinates, etc.).

    The device that they mentioned (wow, it’d be convenient if it had an actual name) is a communication device from the Ori galaxy. It’s a portable dome-shaped device with 12 removable blue stones.

    I don’t remember all the details, but one function of the device is to allow people across extraordinary distances to exchange places, but in *mind only*; their respective bodies stay put. Kind of like Sam leaping into people’s bodies in Quantum Leap (although, technically, Sam didn’t leap into their bodies; it was his body, but he had the ora of the leapee; never mind, that one’s confusing even for me…). I can’t remember if each person exchanging places had to be in possession of a blue stone or just be the last one to touch it before it’s placed in the dome base.

    Another function of the device is to allow two people who each posses one of the blue stones to occasionally see through each others’ eyes (but without having to switch bodies). I can’t remember how you get it to do one function instead of the other.

    The new show will most likely have this or a similar device that will allow them to maintain communication with Earth and occasionally allow for guest appearances from SG-1 & Atlantis characters. It will probably also be used for character development as we could potentiallly see characters aboard the Destiny interact with loved ones back home.

    Both the stargates and the dome/stone devices are technologies of the Ancients (a.k.a. Alterans, a.k.a. Lanteans).

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  • ewanspotter

    I believe you mean Brad Wright, not Bob.

    There is a device on the show which will allow people on the ship to switch consciousness with people on earth. Begging the obvious question, isn’t that what the Stargate is for?

    As Tim explained above, no. The Stargate is just a doorway. Very simple. You step in on one planet, come out another. (And when it wants to, occasionally sends people back to 1969. But I digress.)

    So, Stargate Virgin / TV Addict. You gonna watch?

  • ewanspotter

    *Todd. Not Tim. Sorry,dude.

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  • im just kinda sad they gave Sargate the whole drama feel of Galactica with the space ship thing. i liked some of the classic tones of the other series. Atlantis, i think kept some of it while being different on its own.
    I love the Stargate shows so I’ll still give it a try.