TCA Live Blog Day 3: TRAUMA

12:12PM: TRAUMA is not going to be blowing up the world each and every week. Which sadly, doesn’t come as much of a surprise since NBC President Angela Bromstad just spent the morning railing against the increasing cost of production and fancy explosions + shutting down a major San Francisco highway for five days sounds really expensive.

12:13PM: Executive producer Dario Scardapane promises that while the explosions will grab your attention, what hopefully grabs your heart are these characters. Aahhhhhhh

12:18PM: Just learned that TRAUMA star Cliff Curtis is a New Zealand native. Futher proof that anyone with an accent sounds cooler than me.

12:22PM:“TRAUMA is what happens during the twenty minutes before you hit the double doors,” elaborates Scardapane in what’s turning out to be the catchiest elevator pitch of the day thus far. “This is the stuff you didn’t see on ER.” Well, except for the time that helicopter landed on Dr. Romano, or the time there was that mass casuality train-wreck, snow storm, flood….

12:23PM: Scardapane calls TRAUMA what we’ve been calling it from day one, “ER: THE NEXT GENERATION.”

12:27PM: A TCA member pulls a ‘Comic Con’ by asking each actor on the panel to talk more in-depth about his or her character. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

12:35PM: Actress Aimee Garcia believes that her work on GEORGE LOPEZ helped get her on this show, recounting a story from a real-life EMS ride-a-long she went on. “These people deal with things that normal people will never see, severed limbs, massive blood trauma… and a lot of these people deal with traumatic experiences likek this through humor.” Which is where Garcia lost us. George Lopez, humor… we’re not following.

12:40PM: Meet the only reason why we’re giving this write-by-numbers-medical-drama a second shot, star Kevin Rankin who ranks, “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHT as a two year acting school.”

12:41PM: Fun Fact: Not only is star Anastasia Griffith [DAMAGES] British, she’s Jamie Bamber’s real-life sister.

12:42PM: Our personal trauma has come to an end, this panel.

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