Kathy Griffin Talks Emmys, Paula Abdul & Sarah Palin


Despite a 2 million dollar book deal, two Emmys for MY LIFE ON THE D LIST and a Grammy nod for her shameless, albeit very funny comedy CD “For Your Consideration”, Kathy Griffin still considers herself a D-Lister heart. So much so that the headline-grabbing queen of hilarity still deemed it necessary to bring along a sign (see above photo) to Wednesday night’s NBC Universal TCA Party in an effort to ensure she wouldn’t get lost in a sea of famous faces that included stars from THE OFFICE, CHUCK and more. An effort that paid off, with said sign catching your very own TV Addict’s eye, allowing us to join a gaggle of TCA reporters for a quick Q&A.

What brings you to tonight’s TCA party?
I’m campaigning for an Emmy. I’m nominated for two of them and I want to win more than anyone on the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW.

Having already won an Emmy, is campaigning not beneath you?
Let me tell you something, to me, the Emmy is like a hot blond to an older guy. I never get tired of it. Really. I get a boner for an Emmy year after year after year.

What is about the Emmy?
It’s my middle finger to everyone who tortured me throughout grade school, high school and my early career… and anyone who tortured anyone everywhere. I feel like it’s a revenge of the nerds moment. I also feel that I care about the statue more than anyone on DIRTY JOBS, which is something I’ll say right to their faces… if I ever see them or can recognize them.

If somebody left an Emmy in the ladies room…
It’s going home with me. Yeah, I’m talking right to you [Teri] Hatcher. Do not leave your Emmy in the bathroom.

Are you looking forward to hosting this year’s Creative Arts Emmys?
You mean “The Schmemmys?” I’m beside myself with the excitement. Two years ago [when I won] I told “Jesus to ‘Suck it!’,” and this year, they asked me to host the same show. Who would have thunk it? Being offensive does pay off every so often and you know why, because I’m a big believer in the truth. Big truth teller… let’s just spin it that way.

Moving on to the big news of the week, what was your reaction when you heard about Bill Clinton successfully negotiating for the release of two Current TV reporters from North Korea Paula Abdul not returning to AMERICAN IDOL?
It was very tough for me emotionally. I can’t imagine my life without Paula. In a way that Paula can’t imagine her life with let’s say a little Vicodin. Grief, denial, it was like the seven stages for me. I don’t believe it yet because I don’t want to believe it.

If asked, would you consider replacing Paula?
I would only consider replacing Ryan.

Did you have a similar reaction to the Sarah Palin resignation?
I have a lot of emotions about Sarah Palin. I would love to get her on MY LIFE ON THE D LIST. And you know, I think she might do it at this point, let’s be honest. I enjoy watching Sarah Palin because she is so unpredictable, a wild-card. I would not say a maverick, she would. But I do enjoy her press conferences.

At the end of August, you’re trekking an hour north of Toronto (Canada) to play Casino Rama. Should a star such as yourself not be playing a splashy downtown Toronto venue instead of a small town North of Canada’s largest city?
I hear Rama is beneath me, but I’m reaching out to the Native Canadian gay community one casino at a time. I think the Native Canadian gays are going to find me. They’re my peeps. Look, any A-lister can play Toronto, it takes a true talent to get the gays to drive to Rama.

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