TCA Live Blog Day 6: EASTWICK


4:41PM: The EASTWICK promotional reel is using the TRUE BLOOD ‘Bad Things’ theme for their clip package. Not cool ABC, not cool at all.

4:43PM: Luckily for Rebecca Romijn, husband Jerry O’Connell is currently in Hollywood pergatude courtesy of the train-wreck that was his short-lived FOX ‘comedy’ DO NOT DISTURB taking some time off to take care of the twins she gave birth to mere weeks before shooting the pilot.

4:46PM: In response to a reporter calling EASTWICK “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES with Magic,” executive producer Maggie Friedman responds, “Not at all.” Which we’re gonna have to agree with. After-all, Wisteria Lane featured four lovely leading ladies, whereas EASTWICK only features three. See, totally different.

4:48PM: Unlike the movie, which was very much a product of its time (that time being the 80’s), Friedman promises that EASTWICK is contemporary, where three ordinary women are dealing with being given extraordinary powers based on their life’s journey. Quick, somebody call Tim Kring’s lawyer, line one!

4:50PM: Fun Fact: If the show’s town looks familiar, it should. It was previously home to GILMORE GIRLS’ Stars Hollow…. moment of silence.

4:51PM: Cast members get asked the dreaded question HEROES stars undoubtedly still have nightmares about. What it’s like to have powers.

4:52PM: Scoop! Sara Rue’s supporting player Penny, also known as the only character to not exhibit powers in the pilot — may in fact do so in the future.

4:54PM: “The theme in season one is empowerment, discovering who these women are and learning to embrace and control their powers,” reveals Friedman, who adds when asked about where the show fits within the world’s created in both the book and the film, “We sort of wink at the fact that Darryl [Paul Gross] may have been in EASTWICK twenty years ago and Cybil Sheppard, who was a witch in the 80’s will be making an appearance in multiple episodes.”

4:59PM: Sign you know actress Lindsay Price is the nerdy character: She wears glasses and has a bun! Which suits the actress just fine, who claims that playing Joanna Frankel is more herself than any character she’s ever played.

5:01PM: Similarly to Price’s character, Romijn calls Roxie the closest character to her real-life persona, revealing that it’s “nice to play a woman again after all the Trannies and mutants!”

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  • I wanna see STARS HOLLOW again haha. This show to me is CHARMED meets DESPERATE HOUSEVIWES

  • Ace

    As long as we can boot them off the set when we finally convince the Gilmore Girls to get back together :-P. This is one that I will probably give two episodes to either impress me or get booted from my DVR.

  • Andy

    I love how reporters and critics keep comparing this show to DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and LIPSTICK JUNGLE ……. Why aren’t people making more comparisons to CHARMED? A show about three strong women whose lives are suddenly interrupted when they discover they have magical powers… hello?!

  • Blissanne

    Eastwick is nothing like Charmed…Charmed uses the SAME script each week with different names… different each week…fast mov ing …more believable…more like the Original Witches of Eastwick…I love the show…Hate Charmed….