1:00PM: Just how enjoyable is the FLASHFORWARD pilot? I’m freezing cold, exhausted and hungry, yet still loving it.

1:01PM: Good News: Executive Producer David S. Goyer promises that “by the end of the first season, most of the questions raised in the pilot, including the one you see at the very end will be answered.” Bad News: The overarching mystery surrounding the cause of the blackout won’t come out until the end of the series, which Goyer hopes will last three seasons to really do the show justice.

1:05PM: On the lessons learned from LOST, Goyer shares that, “LOST taught me that you can do a show with a large ensemble cast and tell a big cinematic story.” Tell that to the creators of THE NINE, INVASION, SURFACE, JERICHO, KIDNAPPED etc…

1:08PM: Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim teases that while the first season will tell the story of April 29, 2010…. April 29 isn’t necessarily the season finale.

1:10PM: Star Dominic Monaghan claims that while there are obviously similarities between FLASHFORWARD and LOST, “I don’t think we’re necessarily dealing with the same deeply rooted mythology.” Begging the question… has Monaghan seen the premiere?

1:14PM: Scoop! FLASHFORWARD Robert J. Sawyer will write an episode in the first season. And since we’re on the subject of the source material, producers tease that the book and TV show are very different.

1:16PM: Goyer on the pilot’s biggest mystery, “The Kangaroo is a ‘thing,’ will be back more than once [in episode six], and people like it.”

1:17PM: “The significance of April 29, 2010 is one of the mysteries of the show,” explains Guggenheim when prodded by a reporter as to what’s the deal with the day. “And as far as what’s going to happen after April 29, well, that’s another mystery of the show and it would be a disservice to our audience to spoil it.” Drat!

1:18PM: Scoop! FAMILY GUY’s Seth MacFarlane will be back playing an FBI agent (Apparenely it pays to be friends with executive producer Brannon Braga) so to will ER’s Alex Kingston (No word on the status of her friendship with Braga!) While Gabrielle Union has has just wraped filming the third episode of the season.

1:24PM: British thespian Joseph Fiennes half-jokingly says, “that it’s nice to get off the horse and out of the fancy t-shirt.”

1:25PM: Goyer comes from the Hitchcock school of filmmaking, where actors are told very little with regards to where their characters are going. Which you know, should make for some really interesting interviews later today at the ABC cocktail party.

1:28PM: Courtney B. Vance recounts that while reading episode 5 on the train home from San Diego Comic Con, he couldn’t breath. Adds Guggenheim, “You never thought your character would do those kind of things with a kangaroo!”

1:33PM: Scoop! “There is a reason why some of the characters happen to be looking at their characters in their flash forwards,” hints Goyer. Adding, “Although we’ve said the blackout lasts for 2:33, at most the pilot only shows maybe 37 seconds. Which is going to be a lot of the fun — revealing what happened during the rest of the time — whether it was at the beginning or the end of the character’s flash forward, may change the audience’s perspective.”

1:35PM: Actress Sonya Walger doesn’t know whether or not Penny will be returning to LOST. And if she did, she wouldn’t share!

  • Tim

    I’m def looking forward to this, no pun intended. Also, when I think “kangaroo”, I think Captain Kangaroo & Granny from the ‘Beverly Hillbilies” chasing that big jack rabbit all around the cement pond. LOL

  • Common Sense

    Love John Cho. Wish I had more time to get involved in a new big drama like this.

  • Ace

    This is definitely one of the shows I’m looking forward (pun also not intended) too the most. Hopefully it will catch on like LOST and they’ll be able to give them an end date so they can tell the story properly. I’m fine with only being promised 3 seasons if they are 3 good ones.

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