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9:10AM: Watching clips from MODERN FAMILY, also known as the Fall’s funniest new show.

9:11AM: Spoiler-Alert! The three separate families portrayed in MODERN FAMILY are actually all related. A plot point that critics are now allowed to share with you ever-since ABC research indicated that one of the strengths of the show is that everybody is related.

9:13AM: Even though it works brilliantly, Executive Producer Steven Levitan admits to being initially wary with regards to employing the documentary style now ubiquitous across NBC’s comedy line-up.

9:15AM: “What people don’t understand is that DO NOT DISTURB [last season’s short-lived incredibly unfunny ‘laugher’ on FOX] was really a three-part miniseries and we told the story we wanted to tell,” jokes star Jesse Tyler Ferguson when asked what it feels like to jump from a really awful show to MODERN FAMILY.

9:19AM: Attention right wing — with regards to 33% of the MODERN FAMILY cast (Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stronestreet’s hilarious same-sex couple and their adoptive newborn) — Steven Levitan welcomes criticism from you.

9:20AM: On the difference between comedy and drama, star Ed O’Neill treads dangerously close to Katherine Heigl territory when answering that getting paid millions of dollars to spend 14 hour days on the set of an hour-long procedural such as DRAGNET is a lot of work. Boo-hoo.

9:23AM: Fun Fact: Three alum (Ty Burrell, Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammer) of FOX’s far-too-short-lived comedy BACK TO YOU all find themselves on ABC’s Wednesday night comedy block this fall.

9:27AM: Non-shocker of the morning: A room full of middle aged white guys are really interested in asking series star Sofia Vergara questions. Ditto for Julie Bowen.

9:27AM: On playing a mother of three, star Julie Bowen reveals that it’s much more interesting for her than playing the ‘love interest.’ In other-words, don’t expet her to show up on LOST anytime soon.

9:29AM: Sighting David Milch’s JOHN FROM CINCINNATI, Ed O’Neill believes a really good drama has a lot of comedy in it. Something normally we’d agree with, except for, did you see JOHN FROM CINCINNATI?

9:32AM: Levitan calls the talented child actors the show’s “antagonists and an integral part of the show.” Just not integral enough to get an invite to TCA.

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  • Common Sense

    Kids? Ugh.

    Ed O’Neill….if he’s half as funny here as he was on Married w/ Children, I’m in.

    Julie Bowen should thank her lucky Dharma stars that she’s a part of the Lost mythology. She’ll be better known for that show than she ever is for Modern Family.

    I love the docu-style shooting. Watching NBC two nights ago, it hit me (not like it’s a big secret) that the less-intelligent viewers don’t like those shows—even tho they’re funnier—because there’s no annoying laugh track to TELL them when to laugh. Then I sit thru an ep of 2.5 Sheens, and the constant laugh-track (when *nothing* funny at all is happening) makes me want to claw my eardrums out.

  • Josh Emerson

    The Modern Family trailer looks awesome. It’s definitely the new fall show I’m most looking forward to. Jesse Tyler Ferguson is great.

  • Jonah

    I will be watching Modern Family for 1 reason: One of the familiy’s last name (Pritchett) is the same as mine!

  • Bgirl

    Modern Family was one of my favorite pilots this year, and definitely the best of the comedies being offered up. Definitely check it out.

  • Alex Hunz

    Can TV, and prime time TV for that matter, fall any lower? I do not think so. The average American IQ when it comes to understanding foreign cultures and other groups that are not part of the heterosexual paradigm is -20, and this negative score is usually, and sadly, gained through TV since people do not take the time to acquire the knowledge the way it should be done: through personal contact and speech, studying how they express themselves, reading newspapers and literature, watching their films , etc. This show is only helping perpetrate the already existing equivocal stereotypes and, the worst part of all, increasing the already prevailing stupidity of the general public