TCA Live Blog Day 6: THE MIDDLE


10:39AM: The panel for the Patricia Heaton laugher THE MIDDLE starts off on a very SCRUBS-centric note, with co-star Neil Flynn setting the record straight with regards to the fate his fan favorite character. “There’s a good chance I’ll pop up maybe just once… but we were done, the show ended, we were free to go and they [SCRUBS] started up again. Which is fine, but I’m very glad to be here… is that what I’m supposed to say?”

10:42AM: Really big stalker fan of series star Patricia Heaton? “You can see me at Ralph’s three times a week at Vine and Melrose,” reveals Patricia Heaton when asked what it’s like to be a working mother with four kids. “I buy my clothes in the boys section of Target. That’s what I wear, often three days in a row. Green Polyester sweatpants, hoodies, that’s me.” Jokes Flynn, “Target’s, America’s store.”

10:46AM: FYI: Nothing says funny like a comedy that deals with the struggles of real midwestern people, but in a celebratory way.

10:50AM: Turns out that the scene-stealing son of ‘Brick’ played by Atticus Shaffer is actually based on creator Eileen Heisler’s real-life son. I hope he’s not reading this.

10:52AM: File this under things we didn’t know: Ricki Lake starred in the first version of THE MIDDLE. Revealed Heisler with regards to version 2.0 with Patricia Heaton, “We were on cloud 27 to hear the lines exactly as we imagined them.” I hope Ricki’s not reading this.

10:53AM: Upon discovering that Atticus Shaffer’s name is an homage to To Kill a Mockingbird, a reporter actually says, “I wanted to name my kid Atticus, but my husband would have killed me.”

10:55AM: Atticus Shaffer uses the word ‘Uppity” to describe his small screen older brother Alex (played by Charlie McDermott) officially cementing his status as the new Dakota Fanning (An adorable tyke that totally steals the show.)

10:57AM: What does middle daughter Eden Sher have in common with UGLY BETTY’s America Ferrera? She’s already angling for her TV alter-ego to lose the braces.

11:01AM: Patricia Heaton promises that THE MIDDLE has a completely different look and feel from EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND. MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE on the other hand….

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  • The youngest kid was funny in the teasers I saw 😀

  • grumpyoldman

    Janitor is Janitor. Period. Is Patricia Heaton still hot?