TCA Live Blog Day 6: V


5:25PM: Although V executive producer Scott Peters is quick to joke that his secret plan is to try and attract every single Sci Fi fan by turning V into what one critic calls the LOVE BOAT of science fiction courtesy of a cast that includes alum from FIREFLY, THE 4400 and LOST, he promises he really did go with the best actors we could find.

5:27PM: Elizabeth Mitchell reconfirms what every LOST fan already knew: That she is indeed returning to the island (the island, of course being Hawaii, where the show shoots) — more than once — and naturally cannot speak to the fate of Juliet, “I can’t say whether Juliet is alive or dead, but as with all things LOST, it will be tricky.”

5:29PM: Another reporter notes that Morena Baccarin was perfectly cast as the V’s idea of what earth people want to see. Well, duh.

5:32PM: The cast, which we should mention seem to genuinely like each-other, announce their series premiere date in unison (Tuesday, Nov. 3 at 8PM.) A dramatic reading that would have been far more exciting had TV MoJoe not already broken the news hours ago.

5:33PM: A reporter asks the first of far too many questions with regards to V’s place in a post 9/11 world. VVVVvvvvv sorry, ZZZZzzzzzzzz (Yeah, it’s been a really long day!)

5:34PM: Original fans will be thrilled to learn that this V reboot will pay homage to the miniseries by having Baccarin’s character eat a rat. Something that surely would mean far more to us had we actually seen the original miniseries. Plus, there has been talk of incorporating some of the original V actors in different roles (Think: Richard Hatch in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA).

5:35PM: Scoop! The producers tease that the V will NOT have the same agenda as the V from the original series and promise that we will in fact be seeing Alan Tudyk’s character again. Adds Mitchell, “Oh he’s so good!” Yeah, Elizabeth Mitchell is pretty much awesome.

5:39PM: “We’ve set up the season so that by the end of the first season you know what the V agenda is and which side of the line each character will end up on,” reveals executive producer Jeffrey Bell. “The second season will have an entirely different arc.”

5:41PM: Sign #21 that this is the final TCA panel of the tour comes from the reporter who asks if the Lizards brought down Oceanic 815? “Maybe,” jokes Mitchell who goes on to explain that ‘maybe’ is her standard LOST go-to answer.

5:43PM: Bell reassures skeptical critics that like every good Cylon, the producers have a plan. One that will last take at least 3 to 4 years. Fingers crossed.

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