First Look: Daddy Dexter


Dexter Morgan family man? That’s the big challenge facing America’s favorite serial killer as he attempts to balance the pressures of fatherhood with his extra curricular activities when the series returns this September. “It’s tough, there’s lot of sleep deprivation,” revealed actor Michael C. Hall in a recent interview at Comic Con. “I think the idea was one thing, but the reality, being a suburban family man, maintaining an allegiance to his dark passenger proves to be pretty daunting and at times overwhelming.”

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  • Not sure how I feel about the bloody wiener…

  • Common Sense


  • TVFan

    Is it just me, or as that one scary looking baby?

  • Tim

    We just assume it’s ketchup. lol love this show. even w/ the added baby. will son be like father? hhmmm.

  • grumpyoldman

    I wish CBS would pick up re-airs of this again. Hard times mean no Showtime.

  • Gypsy41

    Oooohhh! I love, love, love this show! I cannot wait for it to come back on! I am not too sure how I feel about Dex being a father, but I bet he trains his (son?) to be JUST like him! YAY!

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