Question of the Day: FOX, TNT, WTF?

With today’s big news revolving around the announcement by FOX to extend Octomom Nadya Suleman’s fifteen minutes of fame by agreeing to air a two-hour documentary special titled OCTOMOM: THE INCREDIBLE UNSEEN FOOTAGE and TNT’s unexpected second season pick-up of the produce-by-numbers snoozefest that is Jada Pinkett Smith’s HAWTHORNE, this TV Addict can’t help but wonder: Which network has disappointed you more today — FOX or TNT?

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  • TVFan

    TNT is definitely the lesser of two evils. Sure, HawThOrNe is everything that is wrong with TNT, but FOX attempting to cash in on the Jon/Kate/Octomom media hype. Awful.

  • Amy D

    I agree that it’s awful for FOX to encourage Octomom’s idiocracy but it was a smarter move on their part then TNT.
    Hawthorne is just a crappy show and while the Octomom’s documentary isn’t going to be any better it will get the ratings.
    Lots of people will tune in to see her stupidity. The world is obsessed with her story right now…Whether they like her or hate her.
    FOX made a smart move in my opinion. It’s not quality television but it will do their ratings well and it is FOX so what do u expect them to care about?

  • Victoria

    FOX, oh my god FOX. I agree with Amy D. that it is a smart move but I can still be totally disappointed with them for making it.

  • Tim

    Fox. I won’t be watching Octomom. No interest. No thanks. At least Hawthorn could be redone or reworked to make it better. lol Well, maybe. I was bored by it, that i didn’t even need to look at it. lol

  • Josh C.

    can we be disappointed with both?

  • Ace

    I’m with Josh, I’m disappointed in both of them. But I definitely thing that FOX has committed the worse “crime”. Encouraging a woman who seems incredibly unstable is just a very bad idea. Hopefully others will agree with us and not watch, but seeing as the numbers for J/K+8 seem to be doing fine I’m not holding my breath.

    I watched a few episodes of Hawthorne and I have to say the only thing that peaked my interest is that it was set in a fictional Richmond, VA hospital (used to live there). But once I realized that they would never actually venture into the city, I was done.

  • I haven’t watched any of Hawthorne, but I was tempted to when the early rumors said it was going to be set in Charlotte, NC (I’m not too familiar with Charlotte, but it’s the biggest city in my home state of NC). If it’s as crappy as you guys are saying, then I’m glad they moved it to Richmond, VA. 🙂