Good News, Bad News: 90210, PRISON BREAK, BETTER OFF TED & More!

Good News: exclusive sneak peek at the new season of 90210 promises bigger, better and bolder. Bad News: What it really delivers is older —thanks to the addition of new cast member Trevor “Sure I look twenty, if this were 1999” Donovan. [Source]

Good News: FOX has signed a deal with publisher Deep Silver to give PRISON BREAK the video game treatment. Bad News: Like the series itself, expect the game to start off on a high note, only to quickly fizzle out and frustrate viewers thanks to various implausible plot twists and a ridiculous story-line. [Source]

Good News: Tonight’s BETTER OFF TED season finale features a guest appearance by Twilight’s Rachel Lefevre. Bad News: Somebody forgot to alert ABC’s marketing department, who in turn neglected to inform the millions of Twihards. [Source]

Good News: You can watch the second-funniest new comedy of the Fall — COMMUNITY on facebook right now! Bad News: Unless of course you live outside of the US, and not before you’re prompted to spam your friends with an invitation to ‘Become a Fan’ of COMMUNITY. [Source]

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  • Nick

    Duck and cover, I’m about to diss the power of Twilighters. While this guest-appearance might be footnote-worthy, I have to wonder about the so-called legions of fanged fandom who completely abandoned their boy, Taylor Lautner, when he had his own weekly series with Christian Slater, My Own Worst Enemy.

    Can someone explain the lack of support for “Jacob”….(who I, by the way, predict will steal the next movie altogether) ?

  • Nick,
    In defense of the Twilight fandom (words I never thought I’d say) — the movie, and Taylor Lautner were barely on the radar at the time of MY OWN WORST ENEMY premiered. Had the series premiered six months later, NBC might have had a huge hit on its hand. So I guess you could say, MY OWN WORST ENEMY’S enemy, was bad timing.

  • Nick

    Oh, I don’t know if I can buy that excuse. I had fans emailing me about Kellan Lutz before the movie even premiered, and I know the fans were well acquainted with Taylor. To be honest, Lutz didn’t get much of a bump on 90210, either.

    And if we really look close, Twilight grossed $69 mil its opening weekend, then fell by nearly two-thirds in a week, and the numbers fizzled faster than vampire in full sun. Until they prove differently, I’m sticking with the notion that the Twilighters aren’t as widespread and loyal as EW would have us believe.