Countdown to Fall: PRIVATE PRACTICE


Getting to the question that has been on every fan’s mind since the moment last season’s credits rolled — Yes, Violet is alive. Picking up a mere twenty minutes after what turned out to be last Spring’s most buzzed about season finale, actress Amy Brennenman (Violet) promises that, “You’re going to see me again.” Yet the question remains, in what condition? Teased PRIVATE PRACTICE creator Shonda Rhimes on this TV Addict’s recent visit to the set, “Obviously Amy is here on set. But the interesting thing is how she lives and whether or not there will be a baby.” ‘Whether or not there will be a baby?’ WhatchutalkinboutShonda! Unfortunately Rhimes, a notorious spoilerphobe isn’t talking — and we should add — has the uncanny ability for saying a lot without saying, well absolutely anything. Thankfully, what she will confirm is that what happened to Violet, in addition to Addison’s choice to walk away from Noah and Naomi’s decision to leave the Practice are going to reverberate for a while. And, rest assured, things won’t be all doom and gloom at Oceanside Wellness. “Last season there was a synthesis of both the dark and light stories that we were really happy with,” reassures co-executive producer Betsey Beers. “And we certainly want to restore that sense of balance that these characters are neurotic and can have fun.” Hey, we’re up for anything as long as it doesn’t involve a talking elevator. Shot back Rhimes, “I liked it, but we were the only ones.” Amen sister!

PRIVATE PRACTICE returns on Thursday October 1st on ABC at 10PM [‘A’ in Canada]

  • Sam

    Only reason I watch is for Addison.

  • S.

    I too, only watch because of Addison and couldn’t care less about those related to the cheap and dumb cliffhanger of S2.

  • Linda B.

    Now see, I think Addison totally changed when she moved to LA. I don’t like her character as much as I did on GA.

    Not really sure why i still watch, but I thought the cliffhanger was great. Had me on the edge of my seat screaming NOOOO, knowing I’d have to wait several months to see what happens.

  • mike

    yeah the Violet cliffhanger was a cheap ploy. i dont care if she or the baby lives or dies.

    i too watch for Addison and i expect most people do.

    the actors are great but the other characters are all forgettable.

  • I think one of the great things about May’s finale (and much of PP’s last season) is that it has turned the show into more of an ensemble show where we (or at least I) have really started to get invested in the rest of the characters and the series doesn’t rise and fall on Addison’s dating life alone. Sentiments that Shonda Rhimes echoes in an interview I’ll be posting with her soon!

  • Ace

    Addison actually started to really really annoy me at the end of last season. Sleeping with a patient’s husband after being so upset that she cheated on her own husband? Insane. I watch for Cooper and Sam, I could pretty much take or leave the rest of the cast. I think I’m going to watch the first episode in the fall, but after that this might be one of the shows I end up dropping.

  • cvs

    IMO Addison is the worst character on the whole show. Annoying, dumb and selfish. She is totally unlikable. She is closely followed by Violet. The only likable characters are Pete, Sam and Charlotte. I’m not interested in anybody else.
    The cast is great, but writing is not. Actors are actually too good for this show, where writers totally waste their talent. Honestly, at this moment I watch only for Tim Daly. If he wasn’t on the show I would stop watching long time ago. But he is worth watching in just anything.

  • Noaddisn

    U crazy or what??? Addison’s just amazing! and the husband’s storyline was just awesome!! Da ya really think things are pink with butterflies in the real life?? the Noah/Morgan couple was just dead, before Addie came into their lives, and the baby’s an excuse to keep the couple safe! WTF???!!! Pissed that Josh Hopkins left the show…Think that Addie/Noah was great!! And will always think!!!

  • Jamie

    Ace, get your facts straight. Addison did not sleep with him. The phone rang.

    I also only watch for Addison. I do enjoy Naomi and Sam though.

    Could care less if Violet died.

  • AddisonRocks

    Addison spoilers please! She is the only one I care about.

    I loved Addie and Noah together! Sucks it is over.

  • Ace

    Well I’m glad her conscience called. (ooooooooo) But seriously, so they didn’t sleep together but being two seconds from sleeping with a married man is pretty much the same thing. “Oh, don’t worry honey. We were just making out and taking off our clothes when you went into labor.”

  • grumpyoldman

    I just watch because of the Judging Amy girl. I can’t believe they would let a baby be murdered.

  • This was the only show that survive the 2007-2008 new shows of ABC. R.I.P again for Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, Samantha Who? and Dirty Sexy Money

  • “This was the only show…”

    I mean “This IS the only show”

    Sorry for the grammar error

  • Krystal

    You people are nuts, the cliff hanger was awesome and the other charaters are excellant, PP is way better then then that Grey’s crap!! I hope violet’s baby is ok and that it turns out to be Pete’s!

  • Heather

    I hope the baby is Sheldons. Something about him is extremely sexy.

  • Suz

    The baby is bound to be Sheldons. They won’t saddle Pete with being daddy when they want him free for an Addison hook-up in the future.

    I still think this show is far from an ensemble show. Were it not for Addison/Kate Walsh it would be cancelled. Greys started as ensemble, PrP did not.

    The other characters have yet to gain the fanbase or following that Addison has. All the Greys actors have their own fanbases. PrP’s is dominated by one character/actress only.

  • cvs

    Private Practice hasn’t been canceled yet not because of Addison/Kate Walsh, but because they moved it to the timeslot after Grey’s and did a crossover. That’s what saved it.
    Besides over actors also have their following. Just try to imagine what would happen if all of them left, if Walsh’s fanbase alone would be able to save the show. Before moving to Thursday they couldn’t, even with the help of other fanbases. LOL

  • Amy

    CVS – Private Practice was off air for 10 months because of the writer’s strike. It is the only ABC show that is still on the air from that 07/08 new season.

    Yes, Greys saved it but newsflash, Addison was a Greys character LOL !! It is her that saved it. Without Addison there couldn’t be any crossovers and no Greys fans would bother following her to LA.

    PP has Addison to thank for surviving. Whose face is on the ABC website, DVD covers and all the promo ? Addison. Who does the chatshow circuits to promote the show ? Kate Walsh. Who travelled over Europe/Brazil this summer to promote the show ? Kate Walsh. Why do you think so many episodes start with Addison ? To hook the Greys viewers in. ABC are not stupid.

    This show lives and dies with Addison and the Greys connection, which is why it will never match Greys success. A show cannot survive on one character alone.

  • cvs

    Amy – and somehow you forgot to mention that Tim Daly also traveled with Kate to Europe to promote PP, that Daly, Brenneman and Diggs are also doing promotion on talk shows and printed interviews etc. Why? Because it’s would destroy the image of supposedly only Walsh doing any work for the show?

    If the show can’t survive on one character alone, why people protest so much, when other characters get any storylines or screentime? It’s as some Walsh fans wanted this show to be canceled or something.

    As for ABC not being stupid. In the last few years they canceled so many shows with potential, because they didn’t even bother to promote them. Putting a new show on Friday night, without lead-in and zero promotion? How clever is that?
    Or why did they cancel “Samantha Who?”. It was doing great after DWTS, so they moved it and killed it. In the same time PP was struggling with ratings, so they gave it a strong lead-in. That means they did two opposite things with two similar (ratings wise) shows. Where is the logic in it? Why they didn’t move Samantha back to its old timeslot? They didn’t like that they had a hit?

    It’s not a coincidence that they can’t find not only a new hit, but even a show with just decent ratings. They are pretty stupid.

  • O.S.

    I’m sure Sheldon is going to be a father and he will want to take care of the baby. That will be a huge obstacle for Pete/Violet, because Sheldon will be around them all the time and probably will get closer with Violet.

    I’m not sure if I like it. On the one hand I like some drama and Tim Daly and Amy Brenneman for sure can nail it. They are both great actors, who can be both expressive and subtle in the same time. So they deserve some meaty storyline (honestly the baby dying would be the best source of drama). On the other hand I don’t want them to break up Violet and Pete. I love this couple and they are the best thing on PP.

  • LOL

    cvs, Tim Daly only went to Monte Carlo Film Festival with Kate Walsh. Although who knew he was there really, Kate Walsh pics were the only ones picked up by all the major gossip blogs. He did NOT go to London, Brazil, or Germany and others like Kate Walsh did to do promo.

    The Season 2 DVD cover says it all. Kate Walsh has the massive full cover pic and the others are at the bottom.

  • cool stuff.Just discovered this? show and I love it.

  • Jessica

    I really want Pete to be the father, but I have a feeling it will be Sheldon. Sad face.

    Also, it was a great cliffhanger. I can’t wait for it to come back and I almost died when I heard it was getting cancelled. Thank God its not!

  • Julie

    I can’t wait for Private Practice and Greys Anatomy to come back on within the next month or so! I love both of these shows very much. I am excited to see what is going to happen with Violet and her baby. I hope the child is pete’s but i have a feeling they tried to play that storyline up way to much for it to actually end up being his, it’s always the last person we expect. Also I would love to see more of Coopers relationship unfold! Sorry to all those who don’t care for this show or simply think one actor is carrying the program, I love it and am looking forward to its return.

  • You know who’s annoying and unlikable… MEREDITH GREY. All she does is complain and whine about bullshit. Addison is one of the greatest, most inspiring characters on televison. She has an established career, she is bright, beautiful and someone to look up to. So what she ALMOST had an affair but she didn’t.. she’s human. Meredith Grey DID have an affair with a married man and he left his beautiful/smart/funny wife for her annoying whining character in the end. So there! I love Private Practice! I love the characters and I especially love Kate Walsh’s Addison.

  • Jessy

    I was hoping that the Violet character had gotten killed off, she annoyed me all last season and since she is still around I will not watch it unles it is on my DVR and I can fast forward all the scenes that she is in!

  • Clare

    Yeah sadly it’s too much to ask that they would have killed off Violet. She is a neurotic bore.

    I agree with the vast majority about Addison’s pulling power and as another newspaper critic put it very succinctly today

    “This show is the opposite of Grey’s Anatomy, where we like every character but the main one; here, everyone but Kate Walsh is a distraction.”

  • Christy

    I LOVE the entire show!!!!!!! I haven’t missed any episode!! I guess I am what you consider a TRUE fan!! GREAT JOB Private Practice, I truly hope you continue on the network because I love you all!!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    I love this show mostly because of the relationship between Cooper and Charlotte. It’s riveting watching Charlotte open up as a character and watching Cooper struggle with being there for Charlotte and for Violet.

  • Brenda Carpio

    who actually died?

  • Shannon

    I love the whole show however I think that adison and sam should get together. I would be disappointed if it ever got cancelled.

  • Ashley

    dont take the show off i love the show so does everyone i know please dont cant the tv place work something out please dont take it off the air addison as well as all the other actors and actresses their great you cant take it off the air